Q: What kind of camera do you use for your food photography?

A: I recently bought at Nikon D7100 and use a 50mm lens.

Q: Can I use or adapt your recipes in my blog posts?

A: Yes you may, however I ask that you never copy and paste my words onto your blog. Please re write in your own words.

Q: Can I use your photos?

A: No and Yes. No you can not unless you ask for permission. Shoot me an email at carrie@bakeaholicmama.com . I will normally give you permission.  

Q: Does it matter what brand ingredients I use?

A: If I specify in the recipe then yes it matters. Though if I just list "jarred sauce" or "bread crumbs" Use your personal favorites in that given recipe.   

Have a question that I haven't answered on this page? Email me at carrie@bakeaholicmama.com


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