Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins

Well hello!

My first official post since I rebranded my blog to Baked New England. I started the change months ago, however life has been so crazy (more on that later....)  I haven't had a chance to kick things off on this end, with an explanation for the change, or even  a new recipe!

Bakeaholic Mama has been kicking around the internet for over 7 years. This space gave me a creative and social outlet during the years I needed it most. However slowly over the last couple of years, I slowly dropped off the map. My kids are older, I am busier, and my interests have shifted slightly. While I still love to bake, I don't bake nearly as often as I would like... because life.

When I first started Bakeaholic Mama, I wanted to share my passion for New England food. While I did here and there, my blog became something else. Though,  I was able to share food that I loved, the focus was not on local seasonal dishes.

This is where the named Baked New England comes in, from now on the recipes shared here will tie in to my New England roots, and highlight the awesome food we have here. I'm quite lucky to live where I do, and I can't wait to share more of that with my readers.

To start things off, I figured I should share the ever so popular Jordan Marsh Muffins.

If you aren't over the age of 30, and from the New England area, you probably have no idea what I am talking about. So I will give you a quick history lesson, followed up with the recipe for the best ever blueberry muffin recipe.

Jordan Marsh was a department store chain that started in Boston Massachusetts during the mid 1800's. After the Civil War ended, it became the Nation's first department store. Post WWII, it was the largest retail venue in Boston, branching out through out the 1960's into other parts of New England.

It's safe to say, that if you grew up here, you at some point in your life  shopped at Jordan Marsh. Though I was quite young, I remember shopping with my Nana at the one we had here in New Hampshire. Located.... in Bedford! Which is where I purchased my first home. In 1996 Jordan Marsh was sold and changed hands, and the last standing Jordan Marshes became..... Macy's.

Everyone in New Hampshire knew the Bedford Macy's, if you were from my generation, I bet you shopped there for prom and semi-formals. Almost exactly two years ago to this day, the Bedford Macy's was torn down. Whole Foods went in, and the construction for a new shopping center is to begin soon.

Now you may ask..... what does all this talk about departments stores have to do with muffins?

Well, Jordan Marsh became quite popular for their in store bakery, which had these awesome muffins.

They are hands down the best muffin on the planet. I swear by this recipe, and even adapt it to use different fillings.

To get the famous Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffin Recipe, head on over to the NYT, their version is perfection


  1. I’ve been a reader of yours for years. It’s made me sad to see you stop sharing your art. Please do share more. We love you. -SUE

  2. I was super stoked to make these today, I've got blueberries in the fridge but I can't view the recipe because I don't have a NYT subscription ��������

    1. I’m so sorry! I’m not signed up for it, wonder how I was able to get it? So weird. I’ll fix it by sharing the recipe on my blog. I was crunched for time. Life 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. Great seeing you’re picking up the baking game again and posting. I always enjoy your reicipes. Awfully disappointed that I couldn’t get the recipe without signing up for a Times subscription. ☹️

    1. Weird. I didn’t have to sign up for it! I’ll copy it into my blog post. Sorry!