IPA Mimosa

Hallelujah! Christmas is over... and 2016 is coming to an end. 

Not a fan of champagne on New Years Eve? No worries I have you covered, a  bubbly cocktail that is made out of a citrusy IPA. Or if you wish you could crack open a beer at breakfast or brunch without being socially shunned.... this IPA mimosa is what you need. 

I am typically a huge fan of a citrus pale ale, especially when it has a lot of strong grapefruit notes. When I picked up a pack of Harpoon's seasonal spring pale ale, I knew immediately I wanted to cut it with some juice and try it as a "mimosa". It's a golden ale, with citrus and pine notes. It's pretty light, and the perfect beer to pair with fresh squeezed juice.

IPA Mimosas
Yields 4 cocktails

2 bottles of IPA ( I like Harpoon's Fresh Tracks)
The juice of one grapefruit
The juice of one orange


Divide juice into 4 champagne glasses, top off with IPA, and serve with fresh grapefruit or orange wedge. 


  1. So beautiful! I love all kinds of mimosas your IPA version sounds so refreshing!!!

  2. I like champagne, but I prefer good beer, so this sounds like a mimosa that I need to try!

  3. I love how simple this is. My kind of drink!

  4. I love this alternative to champagne!! Happy new year!!

  5. Grapefruit and orange is such an awesome combo - great pics!

  6. Wow all of these sound so yummy and fabulous..Thanks for sharing..moonshine still