Champagne Jello Shots

I am not huge on celebrating New Years Eve. Normally we keep it low key, stay in with the kids and eat food all day... and then go to bed far to early for a 32 year old couple.  But just because I don't go crazy, dress up and go out for a night of parties on New Years.. doesn't mean I don't enjoy some early bird special partying on occasion.

This year, if you are unlike me, and hosting a get-together, I highly recommend that you bring back the jello shots of your youth, but instead of being chocked full of booze and juice, keep it classy with a good bottle of sparkling wine.

These jello shots are not only festive, and pretty to look at. They will get you to that buzz quickly. But be careful... because just like those jello shots you did as a 21 year old  kid, if not careful... you can over do it with these easily.

I speak from experience.....

Champagne Jello Shots
3 cups dry champagne
1/2 cup simple syrup ( I use rosemary syrup)
1/2 cup vodka
4 packages unflavored powdered gelatin


In a mixing bowl combine simple syrup, vodka and gelatin together, mix with a fork unit the gelatin has softened, and your are left with a jelly.

In sauce pan bring champagne to a low boil. (Careful it foams over quickly.)

Remove from heat, and add it to the gelatin mixture.  Set aside and let it cool for about 10 minutes.

Line a 9x13 baking dish with plastic wrap.

Pour gelatin mixture into the pan, and chill for 4 hours , or overnight.

Cut into squares, sprinkle with sparkling sugar and serve.


  1. I have always wanted to make champagne jello (shots or otherwise). I love the whole grown-up jello shot vibe. Plus - YUM on the rosemary syrup!

  2. We don't do anything crazy for New Years either. Heck, this year we didn't even make it to see the ball drop. lol Love the Jello Shots and that first photo is amazing! I love it so much, literally the most perfect photo.

  3. Yeah, we're pretty boring on New Year's too :) We put the kids to bed and just enjoyed a quiet night in. Great photos on these jello shots!