Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Wedges with Maple Syrup

What a week it has been.... am I right? 

The last few days I've spent a lot of time thinking about how our recent changes within our government may affect me, my family, friends, and community. And though I am skeptical our about our president elect . I don't want him to fail. While I watch my liberal friends and conservative family duke it out online, I've stepped back, watched, listened, and pondered. 

I have decided to not partake in the bashing of our new commander and chief.... however I am not celebrating his presidential win. I am going to live my life as I always do, and I will raise my children to be kind and to be smart. To listen, and to be heard. And to make sure they too work hard to raise a better generation. Because we as a country are so much better than this. 

Now that I have thoughts in my head on what I can do to make a difference, I also need to get back to life. I find it a difficult task to do, especially since I have been sharing holiday recipes. The holiday season may be tough for many families as we all seem to be so deeply divided. 

So I ask you all to try, try very hard to listen to one another, to put judgments aside, and enjoy your Thanksgivings with each other. And most of all, be thankful for your friends, family and the fact that we live in one of the best countries in the world.... as imperfect as America may be.... there isn't anywhere else in the world I'd rather call home.

On Thanksgiving, I normally do not serve many appetizers, but I always am sure to have a couple out for my guests to snack on before the turkey dinner comes out. 

These sweet potatoes are possibly the easiest, tastiest appetizer on the planet, they are also great served as a side dish to almost any meal. 

Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Wedges
2 Sweet potatoes, peeled
1lb of bacon
Pure Maple Syrup for dipping

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. 

Cut the sweet potatoes into wedges, and wrap each on in a slice of bacon. 

Place on a lined baking sheet, fat side down.

Bake for about 15 minutes, or until the bacon is crisp, and the sweet potatoes are tender in the centers.

Serve hot with pure maple syrup for dipping. 



  1. So that's why your so butt hurt over cauliflower stuffing! LOL!

  2. Well said Carrie! I am mandating a "no politics zone" on Thanksgiving. I just can't! I've also stepped way back from social media because people are nuts! I don't want him to fail, I'm skeptical but I believe in our country so we have to find away to figure it out! As far as this recipe goes, it looks like PERFECTION. Just so good and what beautiful photos - you're the real deal!

    1. Yeah social media has been scary lately! I've had to really start filtering.Regardless, I'm going to be feeding my family and friends well this Thanksgiving, and plan on having meaningful fun conversations that don't revolve around politics!

  3. Successful food people check their politics at the door. What if Ree Drummond or Bobby Flay used their format to give us their take on the election? Most people are smart enough to read between your lines. Don't like Trump? Well I don't like going to food blogs that talk political nonsense. Grow up.

    1. This is my space to write, and share my thoughts and my expirences. That's what blog's are... Sort of an online diary.

      I didn't say anything nasty. I didn't even go into detail about my opinions. If you find these few short paragraphs to be off putting.... Oh well. You don't have to agree with me or to even like me. I hope whoever you are... That you have a great Thanksgiving. ❤️

    2. PS some of the most successful people in the industry and the WORLD are opinionated and vocal about their thoughts on things happening all over the world. Including... presidential elections. (SHOCKER!)

      Also no desire to be Ree or Bobby.... Just doing me.