Prince Edward Island With Wyman's Blueberries

Back in June, I was invited to attended Wyman's Blueberries, Honey Bee Summit located in beautiful Prince Edward Island. The three day event hosted at celebrity Chef Michael Smith's The Inn at Fortune Bay, was filled with delicious food, wine, all you can eat oysters, and of course, everything you can imagine made with wild blueberries.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Farley from Savory Simple
We started the summit started off with a farm tour of the Inn, lead by the adorable and incredibly smart daughter of the Inn's gardener. Followed up with blueberry cocktails in the green house, oysters, and the most delicious feast cooked over open fire. The Inn's Chef did an amazing job incorporating Wyman's Blueberries in to every dish, without over doing it. The dishes were creative, and there was not a single thing served I did not gobble up.

The following morning after the Inn served us breakfast, and then we all packed up for a day filled with learning about Wyman's Blueberries and honey bees.

Photo Credit: Pam Bernard
First up was the tour of the Wyman's Blueberry packaging facility. This was the first time I had ever toured such a place, and I was fascinated with the production it takes all for just one little wild blueberry to end up in our freezer. Wyman's is very thorough and ensures that each bag of frozen berries you buy, is of the highest quality.  They only use  herbicides or pesticides if absolutely needed, for pest management,  so when it is needed they only use non-synthetic chemicals.   If pesticides are something you worry about on your produce, don't fret, our friends at Wymans are very conscientious  about what they use on their berries.  

Because wild blueberries have such a short growing season, they have to be picked, sorted and frozen immediately. The berries really are picked and frozen fresh. They are then packaged for retail sale. Wyman's blueberries can be found frozen or canned in your local grocery stores, they also distribute to many companies all over the nation that use wild blueberries in their fillings and mixes. You never know... your favorite blueberry muffin mix, or blueberry yogurt could be made with Wyman's Blueberries! 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Farley from Savory Simple

After the tour of their facilities we headed over to their blueberry fields, where their Bee Keeper and blueberry experts educated us on bees, and how they help pollinate the blueberry plants. Who knew that honey bees played such an important roll in world of wild berries!

Did you know that bee's are responsible for cultivating about 1/3 of American produce? That includes wild blueberries! So to help pollination, of course Wyman's has it's own honey bees. You can learn about how they are committed to saving the honey bees here. Because NO BEES, NO BERRIES!

In the fields we toured, there were huge hives, home to millions of honey bees. For safety we all had to wear our beekeeper suits... and I had to pack my trusty epi-pen....Yes, I have a bee allergy, and I went to visit 16 million honey bees... Even sticking my bare finger into to part of the hive for some fresh honey. It was incredible, and like no other honey I have ever tasted.

Our tour guides for the day were knowledgeable and taught us so much about cultivation and the importance bees have to a successful blueberry harvest. As if cultivating a bountiful wild blueberry harvest  isn't hard enough, Wymans worries about bees too!

After our tour of the fields and bee hives. We headed back to the Inn for another amazing night of campfire burgers, blueberry s'mores, and of course... more wine!

Thanks you so much Wymans for such an amazing, and informative trip! For more wild blueberry love stay tuned for my Old Fashioned Blueberry Crumble Pie (baked in a skillet!) coming to the blog on Monday.

(Disclaimer: Wyman's Blueberries sent me on an all expense paid trip to Prince Edward Island. I did not receive monetary compensation to write this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.)


  1. That was such a fantastic trip. I'm glad we got to enjoy it together!

  2. Amazing and so informative- sounds like an incredible trip! Love these pictures too :)!