Honey Rhubarb Blondies

I completely forgot to tell you all about my Mother's day a couple weeks ago... So I'm going to rewind here, and tell you all about it! *Disclaimer* I might swear a tad in the post. So warning you now... to prevent the emails about it later.

I always sort of dread Mother's Day, as I do my birthday. I feel like things are so forced. People you never talk to, wishing you nice things on Facebook. Husband giving you flowers and cards out of obligation. Kids shoving things at you, that they are sure to tell you THEY HAD TO MAKE, their teachers made them do it.

My Mother's Day morning started off like every other day of the week. Me getting coffee and breakfast ready for my husband and the kids. Packing the husband's lunch because he has to work on Sundays. Husband rushing out the door.... no, "Happy Mother's Day hun!" No card, no flowers, I'm not even sure he thanked me for his coffee....

After he rushed away, I had to rush and get the kids and myself ready, plus bake some treats for a get together at my sister in laws house. I'll admit, I was getting increasingly agitated as the morning went by. All I wanted to do was get a little break on Mother's Day. Meanwhile here I am rushing around as always, and getting ready to spend the day with HIS family.

Then my kids gave me their gifts that they made in school. They were all sweet, and my two youngest kids were excited to give them to me. I felt in those moments appreciated and loved. Then my oldest hands me a canning jar filled with little pieces of paper. He tells me that I am supposed to pull one out a day, and read it.

So I do just that, it read.... "I love you when you play Monopoly with me."

I melted. "Aww Buddy, I love it when we play monopoly too!" He replies with a major attitude in his voice, "Yeah, well you never actually play it with me, but I HAD to write SOMETHING. Mrs. Herrin made all of us make these."

That was soul crushing. I know he's a kid, kids have no idea how their words sound sometimes. So I don't blame him for saying that. But I won't lie, I went and locked myself in my room for a solid 15 minutes and cried. Because WHAT A FUCKING SHITTY MOTHER'S DAY!

I mean, I'm a terrible mom who never plays monopoly, right?!

Just when I could not feel any worse, my phone rings. It's my husband. I answer thinking he's going to be all like, "Hey Babycakes, Happy Mother's Day. I love you! Thanks for doing what you do." But no.... instead he says. "Hey, I forgot my work keys to lock up tonight. I need to you to drive them down to me"

I'm pretty sure I may have hung up on him.

I loaded the kids in to the my truck, drive 30 minutes out of my way, and bring his keys in to the dealership. I was about to drop them on his desk, and I barked at one of his sales people. "Tell Steve his keys are on his desk."

Poor sales guy looks at me, scared. "Happy Mothers Day! Can you wait a second? He wants to talk to you."

I almost replied, "Yeah thanks,  maybe you could tell your ass hole boss to wish me a Happy Mothers Day." But I did not, I held my tongue and tried to not act like that 16 year old tantrum thrower I wanted to be in that moment.

Steve finally walks out,  "Hey, I got you a new Tahoe. Happy Mothers Day!"

What the F.

So I got a new car for Mother's Day. How much of a spoiled brat do I sound like now?

It makes my life 100x easier (though I miss my High Country SO MUCH!) having 3 rows is a total game changer. Plus... rear entertainment with bluetooth headphones. Now the car rides to the lake and to Boston are silent! I also love him for  highlighting what a major jerk I was being. All day I moped around feeling sorry for myself. Meanwhile, that was ALL part of his plan.

He knows me so well!

Take notes husbands out there.....

While Steve may be good at surprises and planning and such. I am not. These bars for instance. They are the result of me just whipping things together with no plan at all.

Luckily it all worked out, and they are fabulous.

Honey Rhubarb Blondies
1 cup unsalted butter, browned
1 cup light brown sugar
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup honey
1 tsp salt
1 tbs vanilla extract
2 eggs
2 cups all purpose flour, sifted
1 large rhubarb stalk, sliced thin


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Line a 9x13 inch baking pan with parchment paper, or non stick baking spray.

In a mixing bowl mix browned butter, both sugars, honey, salt and vanilla together.

Whisk in eggs one at a time, until they are incorporated.

Fold in flour.

Spread blondie batter in the bottom of your baking pan.

Arranged sliced rhubarb over the top.

Bake for 30 minutes or until the edges are golden, and the center is set.

Best when enjoyed warm, drizzled with additional honey.


  1. LOL that's hilarious! I have never used rhubarb. I just don't think about it until I see a recipe. This sounds delicious!

    1. Thanks Jett. Rhubarb season is much too short! To make something with it.

  2. lol I was thinking 'what an ungrateful witch, doesn't she realize Mother's Day is just a gimmick to sell flowers & candy?'
    Your hubby nailed it, I'll be you'll feel guilty for years now!!
    Glad it all worked out though...verbal appreciation or flowers/candy are all nice...but that Tahoe will be honoring you everyday!!!

    1. I'll admit, as someone who normally doesn't feed into Hallmark holidays, I was getting sucked in this year. And he got me good!

  3. Love this story, I'm so glad you shared it and these types of stories and memories make you human. Because what Mom hasn't felt under appreciated and forgotten from time to time? It's safe to say that you ARE remembered and so loved - even if you never play Monopoly ;) Oh and can I just say? It's nice to know you're human because your creations - including these yummy bars? Perfection!

    1. Thanks Jess!

      Thing is, I DO PLAY MONOPOLY! Haha he has short term memory loss.

  4. I would have reacted to all of that in the exact same way - no shame in that, I would be so frustrated. But I'm glad Steve turned it around - and that is one white shining steed of a Tahoe! And these bars -sometimes the best recipes come about with no plan at all.

  5. Um, that Tahoe looks good on you girl!! Enjoy it!! And by the way, that last picture is on point! XXXXXX zillion.

  6. A good man! I'm taking pointers and adding suggestions for a new Porsche for Father's Day!!!

  7. Hahaha - I totally would have cried too about the monopoly! But what a good husband!! I love the happy ending:)

  8. Haha, what an amazing prank your family played on you - that's hilarious and so sweet! Also, why did I never think to add rhubarb to blondies?! All that sweet/tart goodness = genius!

    1. Thanks! The brown sugar and honey is perfect to offset the tartness!

  9. CanNOT get enough rhubarb around here. LOVE this blondies recipe!

  10. Haha aww, what an awesome Mother's Day treat!! These blondies look equally as good :)

  11. I want to come visit and go for a ride in your new Tahoe! While I eat these bars that you made me. I'm such a good friend. :D