Violet Simple Syrup

I won't pretend to be an expert on which flowers are safe to consume and which are not. I do however know that the wild violets growing in my front yard are 100% safe to consume. I have been eating them and using them in recipes for as long as I can remember.

Before using any flowers as a garnish or in a recipe always be sure to do your homework and be sure that they are safe for consumption. Many varieties are perfectly safe, but there are some flowers growing in the wild or in your gardens that are not safe.

However, if you have a large patch of wild violets like I do, go ahead and pick the blossoms and use them as a pretty addition to your spring recipes.

This simple syrup is one of my favorite to have on hand for cocktails. It's pretty, has some floral and lemon notes that compliment so many types of alcohol or sodas. Sometimes, I mix a tbs with my soda water for a semi homemade soda for the kids, my daughter is especially fond of anything made of the pretty flowers she helped pick.

Violet Simple Syrup:
1 cup of granulated sugar
1 cup of water
The juice of one lemon
3 large handfuls of violet blossoms (just blossoms, no stems or leaves)

*Optional for color, 1 large frozen blueberry/blackberry OR a drop of lavender/violet food coloring (I used a frozen blueberry)


Add all of the ingredients to a sauce pan and simmer for about 20 minutes over medium low heat.

Strain the blossoms from the syrup, pour into a sealed jar.

Syrup lasts for up to 4 weeks if refrigerated and sealed.


  1. Looks more like cherry syrup than violet. #pfffff

    1. That's because I wanted to add color without using a chemical dye. So one frozen blueberry (read the recipe) gave me his color.

      Thanks for your comment though.

  2. I have never cooked or baked with violets. This is beautiful...I see lovely spring cocktails in my future!

  3. This is absolutely stunning! I have no idea which wild flowers are safe to eat and cook with so I depend on the knowledge of others :)

  4. So, so, so beautiful, Carrie! I love everything about this! We've got them growing right now too...I love when they pop up in the lawn! Gorgeous images!

  5. I would put this simple syrup in allofthethings. I wish I had violets growing in my yard - I will go hunting in the neighborhood now;)

  6. Great shots and I'm digging the flavored syrups right now too, so cool for lots of things!!

  7. Beautiful! We definitely will be giving it a try! The color is STUNNING!