Whole30 Week One

Last summer Steve and I indulged often. Between recipe testing for Ollie Cakes, and boating all summer long and drinking too much beer.... and eating too much potato salad. We started putting on weight. It carried through the fall and winter, and we have both finally come to our end point. It stops here.

So like all things, we jump in with two feet, with little preparation, in to something new. This time it's Whole30. I've had many friends who have had great success with Whole30 and have changed their lifestyles and became healthier. So we figured, what the hell lets try it.

Almost a full week in and all I can say is, I want a fucking beer. 

I keep reminding myself it's called a "challenge" for a reason, it's not supposed to be easy. To help keep myself more accountable, I've been logging most of what I cook on Instagram/Facebook. It helps because people can chime in and give me tips, encouragement, and recipes for our menu planning. Because menu planning is HUGE on Whole30. If you don't plan, you will fail. So for this on a whim mom, meal planning is one of the hardest aspects. But again.... if it were easy, they wouldn't call it a CHALLENGE. 

Things I've eaten this week that have been surprising delicious. 

Sweet Potato and Kale Hash, served with an Olive Oil Fried Egg, Roasted Onions and a side of Grapefruit Mint Salad (just segmented grapefruit, tossed with diced mint and minced ginger-so refreshing) 

A Paleo Gyro: Sautéed Chicken (olive oil, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper) tomatoes, onions, cukes,  avo "tzatziki" (avo, dill, salt, lemon juice) and then wrapped in a romaine leaf and topped with coconut butter  roasted potatoes. It wasn't really a gyro at all.... but it was still yummy! 

Zoodles! OMG OXO's Spiralizer has changed my life

Baked Eggs with Roasted Asparagus and Prosciutto

More zoodles! Tossed with almond butter chicken, and some roasted baby bok choy. A few have asked for my almond butter chicken recipe, I don't have anything written down, but I'll be making it again this week for the blog. It is really delicious!

Carnitas "Burrito Bowls!" This was to help me with my serious Chipotle craving. Cauliflower rice topped with carnitas (which was a pork butt braised in fresh orange juice, lemon, lime, cinnamon,  cardamon, red pepper flakes, and thyme) pico de gallo,  avocado and fresh cilantro. I see this being my new favorite meal... My husband wasn't a ginormous fan, but I was. 

Then... My Sex With My Pants On breakfast.... this is technically a HUGE no no. Not because of the ingredients, but because I ate it to give in to my sweet tooth craving (FYI I never craved sweets regularly, but this week the craving is REAL!)  I took two ripe banana, 1.5tbs cocoa powder, a bunch of almond butter and then blended it with my immersion blender, topped with almonds and berries. It was pure heaven. I hate bananas, but man did that taste good.

Leftover pork shoulder that I turned into a stew and served over crispy roasted spiralized potatoes. (This is pre-braising)

Other things I've learned to embrace the last few days.... dates, larabars, eggs...eggs... more eggs, cashew milk, snacking on cold grilled chicken and shredded pork the same way I would snack on chips or crackers, and unsweetened green tea in the afternoon instead of my normal Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.  

Now for all the bad. I've been foggy all week. My drastic lack of coffee is taking it's toll. I normally drink coffee throughout the day, I've cut myself down to one cup, and I no longer allow dairy... so it's been blended with cashew or almond milk. 

I got entirely sick of making my own milks, so I  started buying Blue Diamond Cashew/Almond blend. It's sugar free, dairy free.... but it has some ingredients listed that I have NO clue what they really are. So I'm sure it's not allowed. But I decided I don't give a flying fuck. Need my coffee..... and I'm tired of making nut milks. It's better than fully cheating and pouring cream into my coffee right?

I weighed myself TWICE. You aren't supposed to step on a scale during the Whole30.... but it is an ugly habit of mine that I am trying to work on. 

I snuck peanut butter cookies yesterday. I'm admitting to it! I felt so damn guilty over it too. Technically per Whole30 rules, that means I have to start over the challenge. But I'm not. I've forgiven myself and I'm moving on....

My husband quit.... and had a beer. He also brought me home my favorite  beer  (Harpoon IPA) I almost quit too, and was going to open it. But I didn't.... It's sitting in my fridge still. HIGH FIVE ME!!! You guys don't know how hard that was. I love that beer so much.... It will be my reward at the end of my challenge. 

Have any of you tried Whole30? What are your tips for surviving... Did you ever cheat, if so dish...
I want to know on what!? 


  1. Love seeing your meals! I keep saying I'm going to do W30 but I'm too addicted to quest bars and sugar free energy drinks.

    1. Nicole and Price are kind of my idols, they've done so well with it... I want to do well too! It helps to have Kita doing it at the same time too... You should try it. It will suck ass at first... but everyone says it gets easier.

  2. I've been tempted to try it but this scares me, it looks like you're enjoying some delicious foods but it looks tough!!!!! You're doing great girl! I'm thinking Milanos are not part of the Whole 30, sadly...

  3. I'll do whole30 with you, but you have to prepare and cook all my meals for me. ;)

    Everything you made looks really good!

  4. Hi Carrie,
    I am on day 15. This is my first whole30 but I was on paleo so the only difference now is that I can't eat honey and coconut sugar. I was craving sweets really bad the first week but it's better now. My husband finds it really hard, especially the weekends that we are at home and he wants to snack all the time. :)
    Today we will have zoodles with marinara sauce and fried eggplant.

  5. Get the book Paleo Indulgences. Great recipes.