Crepe Ice Cream Cones

Back in the day (by that I mean 2-3 years ago) I used to get tweets, Facebook comments, messages and emails from cranky crusty people. They did not like the way I spoke/wrote, my recipes, style, my  hair color,  or some of my opinions. Over the last year and a half those cranky people disappeared.
Mostly because I am not as present on a public social media platform the way I once was, but now that I am upping my posting... those crusty people are back.

And I love every single one of them.

These people are so highly entertaining, debating with them or "fighting" has become a great source of joy. I look forward to the emails that tell me I have no class, and that the title of my cake is so offensive. Or those people who are so terrified of cancer, they need to pretend they are a chemist and tell me how my poached eggs are going to kill me. Or that time I shared a picture of a dead piglet in a French butcher shop in Montreal, and PETA unleashed their wrath on me, plastering my Facebook page with grotesque animal buttering pictures and calling me a monster.

These people make me smile so hard it's not even funny (or is). By my laughing at them all.... don't they see that I win?

So thank you people of the Interwebs. I dedicate this recipe to you. You have given me the ambition to post more frequently, and I hope that someday I can offend you again soon. 

Crepe Ice Cream Cones 
6- 10 inch crepes (store bought or homemade, here is my favorite recipe)
2 tbs unsalted butter, melted


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 

Fold crepes in half. Then cut them in half, forming two folded triangles. 

Using aluminum foil, create 6 foil cones. 

Wrap each crepe (keeping them folded) around the foil cones. 

Brush each crepe with melted butter. 

Place on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and bake for about 4 minutes or until they are golden brown. 

Remove and allow to cool and harden. Once they are at room temperature, fill with your favorite ice cream! 

To see how I assembled them... watch this video!!


  1. You go girl!! Let the haters hate... sadly, it's the only thing that makes them happy.

  2. What a great attitude. Haters gonna hate and you can't let them ruin your day or your life! The cones look delish!

  3. I always feel like I've "made it" when I get hateful comments, so GO GIRL! These ice cream cones are awesome, and I <3 the video!

  4. I second what Alanna says! You've hit the big time when people care enough to say mean things;) Homemade ice cream cones! I've never thought to make them and these sound awesome! <3

  5. GAH! You are so creative friend! Tell those haters to take a hike!

  6. These are beyond genius!! And those haters - can lump it.