Flourless Dinosaur Peanut Butter Cookies

One afternoon the kids asked me to make some cookies but after rummaging through my cupboards I realized I had no granulated sugar, brown sugar, or flour of any kind. So I got creative and adapted this easy peasy peanut butter cookie recipe of mine thinking I was on to something brilliant. 

The fact is, this cookie recipe IS brilliant, but apparently grandmothers across the world have been making this type of cookie for decades. Like all things on the internet, it had already been done. Typically in my 3 ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies I use granulated sugar or sometimes in combination with brown sugar. However due to my lack of baking supplies on this particular day, I opted to use powdered sugar... like everyone else and their grandmas. But that is not going to stop me from sharing it, because these are not your average cookies... they have dinosaur footprints on them. I snagged that idea  from this great baking Facebook page, Mrs. B's Baking.

I have not talked a lot about my son Chase in awhile, for those of you who remember from my posting last year, we have had a lot of ups and downs. We have figured out some of what his problems or quirks are, (though I hate using the world problems because in reality, it is just what makes Chase, Chase. It is not really a "problem" if that makes any sense.) One of his unique personality traits is that he is seriously a genius when it comes dinosaurs. Despite the hours of struggles he has in a week, you hand that boy a toy dinosaur and you will not be able to shut him up. He knows SO much. I often wonder if he has some type of a photographic memory, because absorbs every little detail about dinosaurs and the prehistoric era, and it is simply amazing. 

At school his teacher has said, "I wish he would put some of that interest into his school work." As a mom I wish he would too, however I think that maybe the best way to reach him is to somehow incorporate dinosaurs into his reading, spelling, and math work. When I want to get him to do a new project with me at home, I often have to relate it to dinosaurs. And that is just what I did with these cookies. In order to get him interested in baking with me, I needed to make a dinosaur themed treat. He had a blast making these footprint cookies and getting to use his toys in the kitchen. 
Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

1 cup of creamy peanut butter
1 cup of powdered sugar (more or less depending on how much oil is in your PB) 
1 egg

In a mixing bowl combine peanut butter, powdered sugar and egg together until the dough comes together. 

Refrigerate for about 1 hour. 

Preheat oven to 350. 

Roll into 1 inch balls, place onto a lined cookie sheet about 2 inches apart, and then flatten with the palm of your hand.

Flour the bottom of your favorite dinosaur foot, and lightly press into the center of each cookie.
Bake for about 8-10 minutes or until they are golden brown. 

Allow to cool for about 10 minutes before removing from baking sheet. 

(Credit for the dinosaur footprint goes to Mrs. B's Baking Facebook Page. For some other great kid friendly baking ideas go LIKE her page!)


  1. My boys used to be REALLY into dinosaurs and I know how much they would have loved these then. Now I'll have to make them for my neighbor's dinosaur-loving kid.

    1. I hope my boy never grows out of them, it's such a fun stage.

  2. You got very creative on these cookies without regular pantry items.

  3. These are so stinkin' cute, I can't even stand it.

  4. These are darling!!!! So cute! And perfect for kids. Love this. Definitely making them next time I see my nephew! He will LOVE them!

  5. These cookies are pure genius!! They are perfect for a little boys party!

    1. Thanks, it was a really fun idea she had. My boys loved it too.