The White Russian

My younger years (not that long ago) consisted of quite a few nights filled with too much drinking (as many collage aged kids do) and as a result of some bad drink choices, I can no longer tolerate most hard alcohol.

As time passes, I slowly (at sloth speed) have been able to add some drinks back into my life. Beer for instance, turned my stomach for so many years, now? I am obsessed. Not in a, you need to join AA kind of way, I just have fun sampling new things and finding local brews.

Whiskey, depending on the drink, I can now tolerate, gin has never left my side, and now I can drink vodka, and Kahlua.

Rum and tequila  however, keep away. Just a whiff of it and I am running to the nearest bathroom.

Now that the nights are cold, the Christmas tree is up I have been enjoying rich classic drinks like White Russians. Now, I know most of you know how to make them, however I could not pass up the opportunity to blog about such a simple treat.

How to Make the Best White Russian 

1.5 oz vodka ( I use Grey Goose) 
2 oz Kahlua 
2.5 oz heavy cream (you can use half and half if you want to cut calories) 

Fill a glass with ice, top with vodka and Kahlua.
Pour cream over the top and allow it to swirl together. I like to keep it as is, the top is rich and creamy as you near the bottom each sip gets a bit stronger. 
*Additional add ins:
Cut Kahlua in half and sub in Baileys
Drizzle caramel or chocolate syrup in the drink
Use flavored vodka, like caramel, whipped cream, toasted marshmallow 


  1. just imagining the last line of ingredients od add-ins is to die for - nice twist!

    1. It's great as is, but why not change it up once in awhile ;)

  2. I love that you blogged this after our conversation the other day about booze. You need to try it with rumchata. So so good!!!

    1. I like them too much not to blog about them!

  3. My husband loves White Russians, but with little ones it's pretty unusual that we go out for drinks! So this Christmas I'm making him up a White Russian gift basket

  4. One of my favorites. I've been making a variation using Krupnikas, a Lithuanian spiced honey liqueur. The brand I buy is made in Durham NC but maybe there's something similar near you. A White Lithuanian is made with Krupnikas, Kahlua and cream -- although I use milk instead. Hmm, wish it wasn't a week night.

  5. I love a good White Russian! With a little added Baileys. Yum!

  6. Ahhhh, bringing back memories....white Russians!!!! Thanks I'll make one soon!😃

  7. I love the old-school and slightly retro cocktails! This looks like the perfect option to sit on a cozy Winters night!