Life Lately and Cantaloupe Sorbet

My posts have been major downers the last few months. Between worrying about my 5 year old son, the death of a friend, and me constantly complaining about not being able to keep my head above everything life sends this way. 
Today's post is none of those things. I spoke a couple  weeks ago, about how  my little sister was crazily getting married with little to no notice. No she's not pregnant, no she isn't stupid... she is just madly in love and slightly impatient. Jamie doesn't have the ability to take a full year to plan a wedding. When they decided to tie the knot she needed to do it then and there. So with a lot of work my family and I planned a wedding that was not only beautiful, it was a lot of fun!
We kept things simple and had the wedding at my parent's farm house in Wentworth, NH. Complete with rustic charm, comfort foods, great music, and of course good people. I was thrilled to see the turn out, and to see so many friends and family that I had not seen in close to a decade... if not longer. Below is a little photo recap of the wedding. If you are not interested in all my wedding babble just scroll to the bottom and snag the recipe! 
Me, Jamie and our brother Joel

My awesome kids and super handsome husband and I

A bunch of misfits 

He is so darned lucky to have her. Isn't she gorgeous? 

My favorite picture from the weekend. Jamie and Tim look perfectly happy, my kids are doing who knows  what.... killing ants I think. The bridle party looks perfect, doing what they should be... then there is the best man and I standing over there looking less than thrilled and kind of dark and scary... or maybe just too cool? 

My Papa and I

My brother Joel and his super pretty girlfriend Nikki 

The highlight of the wedding.... If only I could get away with flinging cake in Jamie's face. 

Stevie and I.... together for almost 14 years and married for 8. Still just as much in love! *Barf* I know....

The Cheesecake Wedding Cake my mom made

The wedding cupcakes I made, Chocolate with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese and Lemon Cakes with a Blueberry filling topped with Honey Almond Meringue

Tim (the groom) build the arbor out of birch trees found on my parent's land, then my sister's best friend Aliyah did the floral arrangement on top.

Jamie and her bridal party. 

My three handsome men. 

I don't know why, but I loved this picture... It shows off my awesome outfit that I spent less than $60 on! Dress was on sale at Loft originally $90 and I got it for $20 something... the shoes are from Old Navy, I think they were $29. 

I loved their JP... Mr. Berman was a teacher at my high school and in his spare time he marries couples!

So there you have it, a little photo summery of the wedding. Now to the sorbet. I love this recipe because there is no added sugar,  just fruit and lemon juice. It's easy to make, and super refreshing during these hot and humid summer days! 

Cantaloupe Sorbet
1 cantaloupe,  peeled, seeded and cut into chunks
1 tbs lemon juice
In your food processor, add cantaloupe and lemon juice. Puree until smooth
Add puree mixture to your ice cream maker and use according to it's manufactures directions. 
Serve as is in soft serve style, or place in a sealed container in the freezer to firm it up a tad. 

Disclaimer: I have been obsessed (and kind of lazy...) with using my iPhone for my food photos lately instead of dragging out my big dslr. Please let me know what you think! 


  1. I loved these pictures!! Simple weddings are fabulous (hoping Stephie reads this. haha). Seriously, they are, and I love the fact that you were able to have a great weekend. Have a fabulous 4th weekend! xoxo

    1. Just lovely! Congratulations to your beautiful family. :D

  2. Beautiful wedding photos, huge congrats to your sister! I'm so glad you had such a happy occasion to celebrate in the midst of a rough few months. Your sister made for a gorgeous bride!

    Love the simplicity of this sorbet!

  3. What a gorgeous wedding, and your photos {especially the sorbet} are beyond stunning!!

  4. Thank you for sharing the wedding photos, Carrie. You and your family did an amazing job of putting it together so quickly. All the photos are gorgeous and your sister look stunning (and very very happy, which is the most important part). "then there is the best man and I standing over there looking less than thrilled and kind of dark and scary" <-- you're hilarious, Carrie. You looked fabulous in all of your photos. As for the sorbet - I love how simple it is and the photos are awesome (good ol' iPhone). Happy 4th of July to you and your family!

  5. Loved seeing photos of your sister's wedding. . so beautiful and personal. . loved it! Thanks for sharing! You and your mom rock for putting all of that together in such a short time.. that's love right there.

  6. What a beautiful family you have Carrie! And I just can't believe that arbor the groom made. awe-some. And about your photos--I actually really like them. I think you've got an eye, and so it doesn't really matter whether or not you lug out the dslr.

  7. Congrats to your sister and her new husband! Everything turned out beautifully, including the pictures.

  8. Hi Carrie! I haven't been by in a while, but very happy to see family photos and the beautiful simple wedding and your funny and snarky comments about little sister :) My little sister was the opposite and left no rock/detail left unturned. All I had to do was show up (in the dress she picked out, and oh yeah the shoes she found, tried on, bought and dropped off at my house LOL). FYI, I *only* use my iPhone 4S for all my blog photos (don't even know what DSLR stands for...). Most of the time there is not a huge difference and nothing could be handier than your phone! Keep on, keepin' on and enjoy our short but sweet New England summer, cuz you know what comes next... :)

  9. What a gorgeous wedding. You did a great job planning. Your sister's dress is gorgeous, and so is yours. Love them teal heels, girl! Of course, this cantaloupe sorbet looks amazing.

  10. love the iphone pics!
    And great job on the wedding!