Beer and Bacon Hamburger Rolls

The following blog post contains sponsored content. 

A good BBQ at our house is not complete without my homemade rolls. Store bought just does not cut it. This Father's Day my BBQ menu is filled with all things manly. What better way to show the fathers in my life that I care than a plate full of man food?

These Beer and Bacon Hamburger Rolls are perfect for a juicy burger, BLT, or any other masculine sandwich.

Disclaimer: I received monetary compensation from Red Star Yeast to write this post and develop this recipe. However, as always all opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. Woah, those are some cool hamburger rolls! I love making buns at home, this variation sounds perfect. :)

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    1. Click the link above..... its in BIG bold letters.

  3. Love these so much!!! The perfect addition to any BBQ:)

  4. Wow not this is the best combo I have seen in a while. Beer and bacon together? Just genius. Great looking rolls and I bet they taste even better!

  5. Bacon on my burgers and bacon in my buns. Yes please!