Things I Love This Week

1) Stitch Fix yeah... I know enough with the Stitch Fix. I just really really hate shopping. It has kind of saved me this summer. Check out last weeks box. 

2) Swiffer dry sweeper thingys. I sweep the floor with a regular broom every day then I go over it with the swiffer sweeper... look what my broom misses. FYI that is only  12 hours of dog/cat hair on my cream colored tiles. Gross.

3) Newsroom!!!! Best show ever. I discovered season 1 on OnDemand a few weeks ago and my husband and I obsessively watched it until we were caught up. Though I have to admit season 2 is a tad slow so far. 

4) Broiled Figs. Brushed with just a bit of honey broil for a few seconds or so. YUM. Perfect simple snack/dessert. 

5) This Hard Cider I picked up while visiting Portland. I need to find it locally..... 

6) Pumpkin candles. Yep... I SO bought a pumpkin spice candle yesterday!

7) NAP TIME! Not for me but for Mads, she is hell on wheels and I need her to sleep more so I don't lose my mind.

8) Fresh cherry tomatoes on the grill... they need nothing but a pinch of salt. So yummy!

9) Fish Tacos. I had the most amazing tacos while in Maine and now that is all I think about. Recipe for these... coming soon!

10) 70 degree days. August came in with cooler temps and I am SO loving it! 

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  1. My entire goal in life is to sign up for StitchFix... The clothes are so cute. And I love the polka dot top! And these fish tacos. They look unreal!

    1. Oh Kim you need to sign up! It's changed shopping forever! I kept the polka dot top too ;)

  2. Mmmm... fish tacos. Love them. Your Stitch Fix pix this month are fabulous, Carrie. All cute. Score!

  3. Why am I not on the Stich Fix wagon yet?! Looks so fun. And dangerous.

  4. The Swiffer is one of my favorites too -- HOWEVER I only use it like once every two weeks. In my defense, I do not have pets nor children, so the broom every few days pretty much does the trick ;)

    1. It's the dog.... she's killing me with her black fur.

  5. Thank God for Swiffer. I have dark brown laminate in my apartment and I swear, only an hour after I Swiffer/mop, there's a new layer of dust and hair (both human and dog) covering it again. I can't wait for your fish taco recipe. They look delicious!