Haddock Tacos with Sriracha Yogurt Sauce.

 Haddock Tacos: Creamy Lime and Cilantro Coleslaw topped with a Cornmeal Crusted, Pan Fried Haddock with a Sriracha Greek Yogurt Sauce. Served in warm corn tortillas.

I love tacos. Freaking LOVE them. I want to tell you all about my love for them, and how great this haddock was.... but I have a rant I need to get off my chest.

I can be a bit of a food snob from time to time. I think I have mentioned that before... I like so many people have a soft spot for some junk in my life. We all need a Cheeto at times. It's OK. It will not kill us if we consume that type of food in moderation.

What I tend to not fully understand is how people can live off that stuff. If I stop for something at a fast food joint for lunch on a super busy day. I feel sick. It depletes my energy, I feel bloated and tired...  not to mention I have gotten quite sick from some bad Taco Bell.  The food is just bad news.

I try really hard not to be judgmental towards others and their choices. But when I see someone with a cart full of Hungry Mans and Diet Coke in front of me at the grocery store and her daughter who looked to be about 8 years old asks if she can buy some watermelon and her mom says no.... I can't help it. I start to wonder what the heck is wrong with this mother?! Buy the kid some freaking fruit... better yet, stop what you are doing put back the junk and get some whole grains, perhaps some salad fixings. A child does not need a microwaved Salisbury steak with instant mashed potatoes and a brownie.

I know shopping healthy can sometimes cost more money. But there is a happy medium don't you think? There has got to be ways of shop healthier on a tight food budget. I've actually looked at the prices of some of those TV dinners, you are looking at $3.00 a person for a meal that most likely does not leave you feeling satisfied. I know for a fact I can make something  to feed a family of 4-5 with only $10. I've done it. I am not saying that everyone should buy a cart full of organic unprocessed foods. I know that gets costly. But a weeks worth of Hungry Mans and soda?! Come on.

I am not that talented. I am no culinary superstar or fancy pastry chef. I make everyday food that anyone can make at home. If I can cook a decent meal for myself and my kids, so can anyone else.

Want to know a super easy healthy meal that you can make yourself? Fish Tacos!

When I went Maine a few weeks ago with the Cabot Fit Team, Cabot put us bloggers up at the Higgins Beach Inn in Scarborough. It was your traditional seacoast bed and breakfast. Very New England.... but the food! Oh my god, I ate pretty well there. They had some fish tacos made with Haddock that I am now kind of obsessed with. They are the type of tacos dreams are made out of.

Needless to say... I am on fish taco kick. Here is my latest and greatest version. The haddock I coated in a flour/cornmeal mixture, pan fried in olive oil. Placed it in a warmed corn tortilla with some fresh vegetables, a creamy lime coleslaw and a Greek yogurt sriracha sauce to give it some heat.

Haddock Tacos with Sriracha Yogurt Sauce

 1.5-2lbs fresh haddock (preferably not frozen) 
3/4 cup flour + addition 1/4 cup
1/4 cup cornmeal
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
2/3 cup buttermilk
1/4-1/2 cup olive oil for frying
8 corn tortillas warmed

2 cups shredded cabbage
the juice of one lime
2 tbs mayonnaise
1/2 tsp sugar
2 tbs fresh cilantro, diced
salt and pepper to taste


1/2 cup full fat plain Greek Yogurt, I like Cabot
1 tbs Sriracha hot sauce

Other Optional Toppings:
Black beans,
Diced tomatoes
Red onion
Green onion
fresh cilantro


In a shallow dish, like a pie plate, mix together your 3/4 cup of flour, cornmeal, salt and cayenne pepper with a fork and set aside. 

Add your buttermilk to a similar size dish.

Cut your haddock into 1 inch thin strips, I like my pieces to be about 3-4 inches long. Lay cut up fish pieces in a single layer, sprinkle with 1/4 cup of flour coating the pieces evenly. Dip each fish strip into the butter milk, then  into the flour and cornmeal mixture. Repeat process if necessary to create an even coat. 

In a large skillet or fry pan add your olive oil. Over medium/high heat. Once the pan is hot, add in fish pieces 3 at a time and fry on one side for about 3 minutes or until the bottom  is golden. Flip fish and cook for another 3 minutes or until the fish is evenly golden and cooked through. 

To prepare the coleslaw in a medium mixing bowl, add all of your slaw ingredients and mix. Refrigerate until ready to use. 

To prepare your sauce, in a small bowl mix yogurt with sriracha until combined. 

For serving, I place each warmed tortilla on their plates, add a small layer of coleslaw, top with a fish piece, add any other additional toppings such as black beans, cucumbers, cilantro, onions, tomatoes and such. Then top each taco with the sriracha yogurt sauce. 

If you feel inclined you can serve these with a lime wedge and squeeze over your tacos before eating.



  1. These look and sound SO good!! That sriracha yogurt sauce really puts these over the top for me. Gotta try 'em!!

  2. hahaha I always think the same thing when I see people with carts like that...Its really sad. Especially when they have young kids who are ALREADY overweight. Its really awful.
    On the other hand, these tacos look perfect! I have a crazy obsession with fish tacos and sad that the fish taco season is coming to an end..I LOVE them. These sound fantastic!

    1. I know I probably sound like a snob and a bitch.... but I really want to shake those parents!!

  3. I get on that rant too, I see the cart STACKED with frozen pizzas and fruit snacks and sadly the young children are overweight. It kills me.

    And I share your love of tacos..had Sturgeon tacos last night with fish my boys caught themselves, so delish.

    1. Makes me so sad. I actually grew up in a house like that. Luckily non of us had weight problems. Thank goodness when I got older I learned to cook and learned to love healthier options. Sad how many kids repeat this process as they become adults.

  4. My daughter is only 8 months old and I am already cautious about what she eats and what we let her try out.

    1. I started young with my kids too. Their 1st birthday was when each was allowed to try anything remotely unhealthy and it was their cake!

  5. I'm a serious fish taco lover myself, too and these look 2-die-4.

    Hungry Jack & Coke should never, ever be the bulk of your cart. Never. Budget or no budget. If you need to drink a Coke, go splurge on 1 on Saturday after you've played all day at the park :)

    1. Coke kills me... all soda actually. I am still amazed with all the info out there how many people drink diet coke all day long.

  6. There is nothing about this post that I don't love! Haddock is my very favorite fish. The slaw looks divine and the Sriracha Yogurt Sauce? Be still my heart. I am making these...TONIGHT!

  7. Fish tacos are the best. We have a local joint here in Upstate called Copper Top that makes the best fish tacos and I've always wanted to try it at home. Thanks for this recipe. The sriracha sauce is to die for.

    1. Thank you! They are the best, one of my favorite meals ;)

  8. You just created my favorite meal ever! I have never had haddock before but I am excited to give it a try.

    1. If you like any type of white fish you will love haddock. We get it caught fresh here and I love it!

  9. Oh man, these tacos. I can't get enough of the fish taco lately. These sound like a fantastic variation (and ten thousand times tastier/healthier than any microwave salisbury steak, that's for sure :))!

    1. microwaved Salisbury steak.... it should be outlawed right?! ;)

  10. Girl... I would have been so sad for that little kid!!! It kills me. I want 50 of these tacos. You're making me excited for our upcoming seafood-filled trip to Boston!!

    1. You HAVE to tell me when you are here. I live like 45 minutes outside the city!

  11. I want 74 of these tacos right now! Huge, huge fan of fish tacos! Gorgeous photos too!

  12. Oh man do I feel you on this rant, I see this stuff all the time and it just crawls under my skin! These tacos though, goodness they look delectable :)

  13. I have just started eating fish, and I am so excited to make these.

    P.S. Higgins Beach is my favorite place ever. I used to spend my summers there when I was a kid.