Snickerdoodle Cookie-Butter Sandwich Cookies

I'm super excited to have my Maine neighbor Alaina, from Fabtastic Eats on the blog today for Coffee Talk. Alaina is a young mom like myself with two boys. I know how busy life can get with two little ones, yet she always has time to share fun new recipes on her blog.

When I took  the time to search her archives for a fun recipe to try out for Coffee Talk, I ran in to a wee bit of a problem. I wanted to make everything. Today I made her Snickerdoodle Cookie-Butter Sandwich Cookies. Not only is one of my favorite cookies a snickerdoodle... I am so freaking obsessed with with Biscoff Spread (Also known as cookie butter). My obsession with the cookie butter is so bad that I can't have a jar in the house, because  it's what I like to call a "trigger food." One of those things I have no self control around. I buy a jar and eat the whole thing on my own in under 48 hours. Do you know how many calories that is?! It's so gross.... but soooo good!

The cookies alone are spectacular, the perfect snickerdoodle. They are soft, buttery, and coated in sugar and cinnamon. The Biscoff Spread sandwiched in the center is just the finishing touch that brings these cookies over the top.

It's official, Alaina is my new favorite Maine blogger. These cookies are spectacular! To get the full recipe be sure to go to Fabtastic Eats for Alaina's Snickerdoodle Cookie-Butter Sandwich Cookies.

Today I sat down with Alaina, and asked her a few questions so we could all get to know the blogger behind the blog.



When and why did you start your blog?

I started my blog back in 2011 when I was pregnant with my first son. I had grown up with tons of cooking but never tried my hand at it myself until then. I knew I needed to learn to cook for not just us, but this little baby we were bringing into the world! It started with a crazy amount of cakes and cookies, (I had a major sweet tooth that pregnancy!) and it evolved from there. Back then my blog was called “Mommy’s Menu” hardly anyone read it, and I didn’t know a thing! After taking a summer off I came back with a new name, met some great blogging friends, and have learned so much!

Where do you find your inspiration in the kitchen? 

Everywhere! We love going out to eat, we do it often, even with our kids, and we’ve always wanted them to know how to behave in restaurants, so we enjoy taking them! I love recreating dishes from our favorite restaurants! I find it in magazines for sure, other blogs definitely; there are so many amazing and talented bloggers out there, if I’m not careful I can spend hours just browsing and reading other blogs…then my poor kids are starving! ;) My mom and grandmother are amazing cooks, so I get a lot from mom and I talk about food A LOT!
Do you have a favorite trashy food you love but hate to admit?
CORNDOGS! Oh my goodness, I know so many people think they’re absolutely disgusting, but I seriously LOVE them! I ate an embarrassing amount of them during my last pregnancy! A local restaurant we go to sells them for .99 cents, and they taste just like the perfect Carnival corndogs! Dangerous I tell you!

What is your must have kitchen tool or appliance?

A sharp knife. I know a lot of people say that, but I have worked in other people kitchens that don’t have one or all their knives are dull, and it can really make cooking a frustrating experience! It is the one thing that I use over and over

What blog post/recipe are you most proud of?

Hmm this is a hard one! Probably these Double Chocolate Raspberry Shortbread Bars. They may seem simple, but they’re something I came up with completely myself and I’ve made them a few times with incredible results and people love them!!
 Double Chocolate Raspberry Shortbread Bars

Our blogging community is full of inspiring bloggers. My reading list grows almost every day. Are there a few blogs you think we all must check out ?

This is an impossible question! My bloglovin’ is overflowing with hundreds of unread blog posts from all of my favorite bloggers, I just can’t keep up but I love them all so I refuse to trim it down! I guess to just list a few of my favs…
Iowa Girl Eats  Kristin’s writing makes me smile and all of her recipes are completely makeable for anyone and all the ones I have tried have been so delicious!
A Kitchen Addiction  because I literally want to make every.single.thing that Jessica Posts!
Completely Delicious  Annalise is another one who makes me want to get in the kitchen the minute I come across her latest post!
Simply Scratch  I love how Laurie makes everything from scratch and shows you step by step how to do it. I too am a big believer in making most things in your own kitchen, not to mention her recipes are drool worthy!
Thanks again so much Carrie!! This was fun! :)

Thank you Alaina! I loved you and your blog before today... but now that I know you love corndogs too, you just made it to my list of favorite people. I'm a sucker for corndogs!

Be sure to check out Alaina's blog Fabtastic Eats, as well as follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.  

(Get the Snickerdoodle Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookie recipe HERE.)


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