Biscoff Cookie Fudge Brownies

Before we talk all things chocolate and Biscoff. I want to share this picture of the sweetest animal on the planet.

My husband is probably at his wits end with my animal collection. What can I say. I have a big heart. I love fuzzy things who cuddle.

I had one dog two cats. Then I added another dog... then a mama cat! The mama cat then had kittens. She had a litter of five only two survived. One of the two was born with front legs that just don't work. At first I thought he would grow out of it. As his brother started running around and playing, and he was not I knew something was wrong. I put a call in to our vet did some reading on his condition.... things did not look good. I then changed vets (I already was not happy with ours and how he has been dealing with my old pup Ollie.) The new vet was fabulous.

Where other vets would suggest amputation of at least his left paw... perhaps even both paws, or putting him to sleep. This vet said.... "Does this kitten know he is deformed? Does he look unhappy?" No. He is sweet at can be. Does not appear to be in pain. "He doesn't know he different, so he will adapt, and live a happy life." A weight was lifted off my shoulders. for days I was stressing over this little guy, I loved him so much already and could not imagine having to put a sweet little guy to sleep.

I told hubs I had to keep him. I can not imagine putting this guy up for adoption. He needs a special type of home where he can adapt and be loved. So what am I to do... I want to keep the mom and brother as well but know I can't have 5 cats! Because that's crossing that fuzzy line of crazy cat lady right???!!!

As much as it breaks my heart to give her to a new home mama cat has to go. I'm bring her to the vet getting her fixed her shots clean bill of health then my mom is adopting her. Good to know mama cat will be loved and take care of. Now I have his brother who is adorable. a big ball of white fluffy fur. And fat. SO FAT! He's about twice the size of my little cripple kitty. So NH peeps you know you want him right????? I would love someone I know to adopt him. So hit me up if you are looking for a fuzzy family member!

Want to know what else I love as much as little fur balls?

Fudge brownies.

Fudge brownies AND Biscoff cookies.

I made these the other day for my husband's employees. I was a good girl only having a couple biscoff cookies and not even a crumb of the brownies. It was a small slip in my unprocessed diet plan. So worth it!

These are the perfect fudge brownie filled with Biscoff cookies. Topped with a chocolate ganache and then more Biscoff cookies.

Biscoff Cookie Fudge Brownies


1/2 cup of butter

4 oz semisweet chocolate
1/4 cup unsweetened coco powder
3/4  cups of sugar 

2 eggs  
1 tbs vanilla extract 

2 tbs of Greek yogurt
1/4 cup all purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt

12 Biscoff Cookies
1 cup chocolate chips
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

On your stove top over medium low heat melt your butter and bittersweet chocolate together. Set aside.

In a mixing bowl whisk eggs, and sugar together.

Mix in butter/chocolate mixture. 

Mix in  vanilla, sour cream, flour, coco powder and salt. 

Crumble Biscoff cookies folding half of them into the brownie batter.

Pour into a parchment paper lined 8x8 or 9x9 baking dish. 
Bake brownies for 20 minutes or until a tooth pick is inserted and comes out clean.

Set aside to cool completely.

To make the ganache, in a double boiler whisk chocolate chips and cream together until melted and smooth.

Spread over cooled brownies. Sprinkle with remaining cookies.

Cut into squares and enjoy!

Question of the day....

How many cats cross the line of crazy? 

Also guess what the boys named cripple kitty..... BEANO. Like the gas meds!



  1. Ah kitten cuteness!!! There is this cat adoption place here called the House of Mews. Whenever they have kittens I just want to roll around in a pile of them.

    1. Oh my god, if I went to a place like that I'd want to hide them all in my bag and make a run for it. I go all soft and buttery with kittens around.

  2. Those brownie pictures make my heart go pitter-pat...and so does that little kitty! What a cutie pie. And they're all lucky to have you looking out for them. :)

  3. Brownies topped with ganache and biscoff cookies?! Yes, please!

  4. Carrie, that is the cutest lil kitten ever! I'm so glad you went to another vet. And these brownies - I swoon staring at your glorious photos of these rich, fudgy, gooey squares of perfection. Can you believe I've never had biscoff before? They don't sell it here in Vancouver (or at least I've never seen it). I might have to do a cross border run and stock up!

    1. We need to ship you some up there asap! Biscoff is where it's at!

  5. What a cutie! We would love a new one - if we hadn't adopted our little guy this past Summer. 2 kitties is enough....for now. If I'm ever a widow I will be an old lady with lots and lots of kitties all around me. How could you resist that little face?

    On another topic - those brownies look dangerous!

    1. God forbid I am ever a widow.... but I to will be that crazy cat hoarder lady. I just can't help it. I love cuddlies.

  6. I love kittens. SO much. I wish they stayed small and cute, mine has grown into a crazy cat. :) This little furball is so cute!!!! And these brownies. Oh. My. God.

    1. Like all things... why can't they stay small? Kids included....

  7. the fudge on this looks insane. and i want that kitten!! too adorable!!

  8. Oh my, these brownies look so chocolatey and delicious. Just look at that gooey chocolate seeping from the center...Yum! And, that kitty is just darling!

  9. holy cow, what a combination! I love these - they really do look SO fudgy! I haven't had a biscoff cookie in a while!

  10. That kitty is ridiculously adorable and my girls are just in love with the photo BUT we already have three cats lol. I'm sure you'll find a perfect home for that sweet lil fur ball! And if you only lived closer I'd be hitting you up for some brownies. Wow!

  11. You know how to make me drool:-) These brownie are insanely awesome looking! I love how decadent and fudgey they are!! And that little cute and cuddly!!!

  12. Brownies look delicious...what can I use instead of the of the Biscoff cookies? Love the kitten but my dogs would not:(