Maple, Cranberry Mustard, Roasted Cashews

Amidst my busy week last week, I forgot to bring my laptop with me on my trip to Ohio, because of this... I could not finish editing my Sundays With Joy photos or write this post!

Now that life is starting to return to normal I can get some blog posts out to you all!

Why is it when the mom of the family is gone for 3-4 days, the kids/house  turn into a crazy house?

My husband does a great job manning the Bakeaholic household, but there are just some things that go unseen by him. Things like laundry. Litter boxes, vacuuming, little details that just drive me nutty. The past 2 days have been spent recouping, and catching up around the house.

Now that I have a semi quiet (is it really ever quiet with 3 kids and 2 barking dogs?!) I'm going to share  my twist on Joy the Bakers  Honey Mustard Cashews.

I will admit, this recipe didn't make me fuzzy inside. Just simply because I detest mustard.

I have a list of foods that are my no no list. Mustard is one of them. It all goes back to when I was 9 years old at a family Christmas party. Every year my aunt made some sweet and sour hot dogs. You know those little cocktail franks or wieners... or whatever ever they are in a crock pot loaded with a sweet and sour sauce? Yeah well I loved those freaking things so much.

So much in fact I was the ONLY one eating them...(that should be a clue right there that they were bad news...) Because I loved them so much my Aunt sent me home with all the left overs.


The next day I wanted to pack the leftover sweet and sour hot dog mystery meat for my school lunch. My mom said NO. "You think you have had enough of those yet?"

I take my hot lunch money from my mom, pocket it. then secretly pack the Tupperware container of hot dogs in my back pack. Sans ice pack.

Come lunch time I pound them. Cold. Or  warm since they were just chilling in my bag with no ice pack.

I'm sure you can guess, I got terribly sick. The most sick I think I have been in my life. Most likely it was food poisoning.

Guess what the sweet and sour sauce of made out of???

Grape jelly and mustard. Just those 2 ingredients. From that day forth I will not eat grape jelly OR mustard.

20 years later I bit the bullet and ate something mustard flavored! Joy's cashews were quite addictive and such a great healthy treat!

For adaptions, I nixed the mustard powder from the recipe. Only because I did not have any. I used maple syrup in place of the honey and then added 2 tbs of my mom's cranberry mustard. I did have one batch burn. Most likely my fault with my adaptions. 2nd batch I reduced the baking time by 5 minutes and they came out great!

For the full recipe you will need to buy a copy of Joy the Baker Cookbook: 100 Simple and Comforting Recipes.

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  1. REALLY?! That's what sweet and sour sauce is made of?! It sounds so GROSS!!! Yet tastes so good...

    1. lol..... no I don't think that is what it is typically made out of. I would not recommend that recipe haha. Barf. Can't even think of it.

  2. Now, see I was all excited. I HATE mustard too, and I was all, yay! Someone like me! And then you tried it at the end. Boo! ;) I've never actually had it. The smell....okay that's all I can say or my gag reflex goes. *Shudder*

    And the whole husband-kids-alone thing. OMG. Helloooo do you NOT SEE the red sauce all over the counter???? His fantasy team will be top notch, but the house would be a disaster. :)

    1. Seriously. This was half cranberry... so I kinda cheated on the mustard part. Gahhh I hate mustard. I will on occasion put it in baked beans, or in salads/dressings. But straight up no way!! As for the husbands.... yeah I think mine played a lot of play station and ate a ton of hot wings!

  3. These nuts look awesome! The different types of flavors going on is so intriguing, and unlike Dorothy, I LOVE me some mustard!! It's my fave :)

    1. blah. Hate it hate it hate it. Though the nuts are a winner.

  4. Aw, poor Carrie! You miss so much with your hatred of mustard. I hear you though, I'm currently unable to down peppermint tea because it's what my grandma made me sip between vomiting :P But your nuts look lovely! Hope things fall into order at your house soon :)

    1. Peppermint tea is my life saver when I'm not feeling well!!

    2. I did love it until I threw it up! It has yet to grow on me again. I do love Candy Cane Lane though, and I'm anxiously waiting for its season!

  5. These look great - I could eat 'em by the pound!
    Sorry to hear you are so sick - you do too much girl!

  6. Hi Carrie,

    Icky-May, sweet and sour sauce, I will always think of you when someone orders that, not me ordering though! Your nuts turned out beautiful! Love maple syrup, great combo!


  7. These totally remind me of the Sahale snack nuts!! LOVE those!! These look great and totally diggin' the make them myself route.