Shark Bait: Bean and Lime Crusted Fish Nuggets ~Beanitos Giveaway~

I struggle getting protein into my 3 year old son. He has sworn off all meats of any kind. I've found myself having to be a wee bit creative to get some into his little tummy.

I change the names of food to make it a game or more fun for him... It's ridiculously silly and makes absolutely no sense at all. But it works.

Sandwich meat. Like turkey or ham = Frog Food. He "ribbits" with each bite.

Chicken nuggets = Dino Food.

Today's fish nuggets were Shark Bait.

I recently received an email from my friends at Recipe Lion asking if I would like to participate in a recipe contest for the company Beanitos.

Beanitos makes chips out of beans. No corn. No rice. No potato. Gluten free.  They are packed with protein and fiber.

                          Beanitos, the healthy alternative

Honestly I was like "Sure I'll try them" but I wasn't optimistic. You see I am incredibly picky and snobby with my chips. I have a chip  problem. They are what I like to call my "trigger food" I can't just have one. I have been known to polish a bag of Lays off with a thing of onion dip, in one sitting. The entire tub of dip, people.  I binge on them. It's a rather unhealthy habit I had for years as a teen and into my early 20's. I've since learned that I just can't keep chips in the house or else I will weigh 668 lbs.

After I signed up to try Beanitos I thought "How good can something, so healthy, actually taste?"

WOW I was so wrong. I came home from a trip to Boston to find a whole case of assorted flavors waiting for me to try. They are amazing! And soooo good for you. I can eat chips without all the guilt plus get a good portion of my protein and fiber.

They are much like a tortilla chip in texture, and hold up great to dips and salsas. I've become quite obsessed with the black bean chipotle BBQ chips dipped into my reduced fat sour cream. Best. Snack. Ever!

When I started thinking of things I could make with them I kept coming back to this tortilla and lime crusted tilapia, that I LOVE. Why not do a twist on that but make it a tad more kid friendly?

I did two versions.

First I ground the black bean chips up with some lime zest little red pepper flake and some sea salt. Coated chunks of tilapia and oven baked them.

Second I did the same thing as the first batch but added in some of their pinto and flax seed chips.


I created a crunchy, gluten free,  protein and fiber packed  fun dinner for my kids.

Both versions were equally scrumptious and healthy!

Kids? Who am I kidding, I created a fun dinner for hubs and I as well! We couldn't stop eating these. Super yummy and beyond healthy!

I want to scream from the mountain tops of New Hampshire how much I love these chips. I am not exaggerating. And not to sound all dramatic and blah blah blah.

These chips changed my snacking life. I can reclaim my love for chips without the added 668lbs of butt fat.

Because I love this product so much, my friends at Beanitos want you to try them as well.

They will ship one case of chips to one lucky reader. But we will get to the details of the giveaway in a moment.

First you gotta try this recipe!

Bean and Lime Crusted Fish Nuggets


2 lbs of fresh white fish such as tilapia cut into 1-2 inch chunks
3 cups of ground Beanito chips I used Black Bean and the Pinto Bean and Flax Seed Chips
1 tbs of lime zest
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp red pepper flakes
3 eggs beaten 


Preheat oven to 400.

In a shallow bowl or pie plated mix chip crumbs, lime zest, salt and pepper flakes together with a fork. 

In a separate dish add in your beaten eggs. 

Dredge fish chunks in your eggs then roll through your chip mixture. 

Place on a parchment paper lined baking sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes or until fish is cooked through and coating is crisp. 

They are great dipped in tarter sauce!  
Now for the good stuff!

Beanitos wants to let one of you try a case of their very healthy very addictive bean chips. 

Here's the skinny on these chips. Just look at the difference between Beanitos and other leading brand name chips. 


Enjoy great flavors such as Black Bean, Pinto Bean, Chipotle BBQ, and Cheddar Cheese.

What do you need to do to enter to win?

Leave a comment telling me how you enjoy chips? Ex favorite dips, types of chips...

For additional entries leave a comment telling me if you have done the following....

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Up to 7 entries per person. Giveaway open to US and Canadian residents only. Giveaway closes
Sunday August 26th at 9pm.

(Disclaimer: Recipe developed for Recipe Lions Beanito Chip recipe contest. Beanitos provided me with one case of chips to try and will provide one winner a case of chips. I have received no monetary compensation all opinions are my own)


  1. I LOVE Wavy Lays original... no flavors. No dip. Just a good old salty and crispy chip. HEAVEN. I dont keep them in the house either... haha!

  2. Must have these chips! Prior to seeing these, my favorite chip + dip combo was Multigrain Tostitos with that creamy southwestern ranch dip. These seem like a fantastic replacement!

  3. aaaand I tweeted about the giveway! By the way, your names for foods that convince your son to eat them are simply adorable. I'll totally be using those someday!

  4. These chips look interesting...I have never seen them before. I bet they are tasty! I love the idea of using them to bread the fish nuggets! :)

  5. I prefer my chips with lots of chunky salsa!

  6. Chips and Hummus are a perfect pair

  7. I also follow you on Facebook

  8. Genius creation! They sound so flavorful and they're such a wonderful gluten-free option. Love that you named them shark bait for your son, too :) The chips sound really good, too. Some very interesting flavors!

  9. I follow a gluten free diet so these would be a perfect snack for me. I'd love to try them!

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  11. my favorite types of chips are kettle cooked! the crunchier the better! i also love chips that are folded in half. they're like the holy grail of chip! super crunch!

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  14. I love chips with french onion drip so so good.

  15. I love Cheetos, potato chips with sour cream/onion dip, or tortilla chips with salsa.

  16. I love Trader Joe's flax tortilla chips with hot salsa! But I'm dying to try Beanitos. Thanks for the great giveaway :)

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  19. And I tweeted:

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  22. A very interesting way of cooking fish nuggets! Yum!

    Being not a US resident, I'm not qualified for your giveaway but I've followed you at Twitter anyway :D

  23. I love the idea of these chips!! I struggle with chips and snacking as well. I also can't get veggies into my family to save my life. These would be perfect!

    I personally can't get enough of chips and salsa, I could live on it!

  24. I am totally entering to win when I get to a computer! And I'm sure you've heard of the alternative, but instead of the sour cream try non-fat Greek yogurt! I have found this to be a GREAT alternative while also getting more protein in! I LOVE BEANITOS SO MUCH! Unfortunately have been ineligible to enter because I don't have a Facebook. So look for me on twitter, wahoo!

  25. i love to eat chips with homemade hummus!

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