Zucchini Potato Pancakes with Garlic Scapes, Jalapenos, and Bacon

Good morning! Is it super muggy nasty hot where you live? It is here!! Yuk.

Good thing this weeks Sundays With Joy recipe didn't require allot of prep or  baking time since I tend to  be super duper lazy during hot days!

I ate these pancakes two times this week. Once by Joy's exact recipe. Then once with a Carrie twist.

Both equally perfect.

I am not a huge zucchini fan. It's hard for me to enjoy it and am always looking for new ways to utilize them. This time of year everyone is trying to give their over grown over abundance of zucchini away. If I were going to eat zucchini straight up I prefer the small baby ones. Not to seedy yet and still nice and firm inside.

Though if I am given one of those baseball bat  sized squash.... I like to shred them up and freeze in 1 cup servings so I can have zucchini bread/muffins year round.

What I do is slice the zucchini down the center (the long way) Take the back of my spoon and run it down the center of each half scraping all of the seeds out. Then I shred what is left, bag up , and freeze in my serving sizes.

Makes my life easy when I want to whip up a batch of bread later on!

When I saw this weeks recipe pop up on my schedule, I was like "SCORE!" a savory recipe using my zucchini stock pile!

Joys recipe is quite perfect all on it's own. To see the recipe.... buy the book! Click here for details.

For my twist I added some, garden fresh garlic scapes (the tops of the garlic much like  scallion but with a mild garlic flavor) some garden fresh jalapeno peppers, and bacon crumbles! I also subbed self rising flour for the flour, baking powder and salt.

Zucchini Potato Pancakes with Garlic Scapes, Jalapenos and Bacon


2 tbs olive oil
2 tbs diced onion
1 jalapeno diced
2 tbs garlic scapes
2 slices of cooked bacon (crispy and crumbled) 
1 cup grated zucchini (skin on)
1 cup grated red skin potatoes
1 egg beaten
3 tbs of self rising flour


Sour cream
Smoked Cumin
Sweet Paprika
Crispy Bacon


In a skillet over medium heat add oil, onions, peppers, and garlic scapes. Saute until the onions are translucent.

Transfer to mixing bowl.

Whisk in eggs and flour.

Mix in bacon crumbles, zucchini and potato.

On a hot greased griddle drop 2 tbs mounds. Smooth out slightly creating a circle.

Fry for 2 minutes on medium/high heat.

Flip and cook for an additional 2 minutes

Recipe yields about 8 3 inch pancakes. Top with sour cream, paprika, cumin and bacon.

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(Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Joy the Baker or the publishers of Joy the Baker Cookbook: 100 Simple and Comforting  Recipes. All opinions are my own)



  1. I loved Joy's zucchini pancakes. SO good! I love your addition of bacon, YUM!

    1. Thanks!! I surprised myself with liking these quite a bit!

  2. Oooo, I wish I had thought to add a POP of jalapeno! Those look SO good, Carrie!

    1. It was a last minute thing when I saw that I had one ready to pick in the garden. So glad I added it!

  3. I love zucchini and zucchini cakes. These are fabulous Carrie!

    1. Thanks Cassie! These cakes definitely made me like zucchini a bit more!

  4. Mmm. Pinned for later. What would you serve this with?!

    1. It makes a great side dish for anything really. We had them at brunch with bacon and eggs...

  5. Potatoes, scapes, jalapenos AND bacon? I love all of those words. These look amazing :)

  6. We have zucchini coming out our ears! This is perfect and it looks wonderful. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks!! It's a great way to use up that crop!

  7. These are beautiful photos, Carrie. I sooo wish that I had an abundance of squash still in my own garden!