Crab Rangoons and My Week in 10

They always say "bad things happen in 3's". Or that "everything happens at once".

Well I would not say there were just 3 things... or that anything was particularly bad. Just bad luck and allot of it. I'm laughing about it all now...

I called a friend yesterday and she yes "how did your week go?" ... Oh man you have no idea! By the end of our conversation she was in hysterics. Apparently my bad luck was quite funny to her....

I assure you friends I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. I'm cursed.

1) Tuesday afternoon.... Sydney the Dingo Dog. Shredded some carpet leading into the basement. It's not that big a deal as it was in the basement and no one can see it.... but man it was a MESS.

2) Sydney strikes again! She got loose taking off almost getting hit by a car as she tried to "herd" it. Cattle dogs and their herding tendencies can get them in in trouble! Now that she had the new found freedom I could not catch her! I drove all over down with 3 kids in tow wearing nothing but yoga shorts (basically underwear!) a tank and my husbands sandals. Yeah.... a scene I tell ya! I was safe from view until she reached a house about a mile away where they were doing construction. I jumped out of the car and made a dash after her almost dripping over  hubs size 11 sandals on my little size 7 feet. I know they thought I was out of my mind!

3) I ran back to the house (or rather drove) to get some sandwich meat thinking I could trick her with yummy food to hop in my car. As I pull the turkey out I dumped a 1.5 dozen box of eggs. 2/3 of them cracking all over the floor. No time to clean it up I just dashed out back to my car so I could rescue the stupid dingo before she got hit  by a car. 

4) I give up on trying to catch the damn dog. I go home. Start playing catch in the back yard with the kids. (totally ignoring the 1.5 dozen eggs on the floor) The annoying, irritating, infuriating, dog that I am actually quite fond of follows us back to play ball. Why didn't I do that an hour before??!?

5) Though she made it back to the yard, I did not catch her before she chased my 3 legged cat up a tree. WTH! (Yes I have a 3 legged out door cat, but that's a story for another day!) This is all in one morning people ONE! The kids are screaming "Our favorite cat, our favorite he's stuck in the tree, call the cops Mama quick call the cops" Kids... what is a cop going to do for us?

6) Same day.... Mads went all exorcist on me and threw up on everything.

7) Same day.... after a really long bad day I go to make myself a gin and tonic. I open the bottle of tonic only to have it explode all over me!

8) Next morning. I tell hubs I HAVE to go to yoga I'm stressed tense and need to chill the heck out. On my way I stop for a small iced coffee in which I know I should not have before my Bikram class. As I go to grab it from the girl in the take out window at Dunkins. It fell on my lap. I went to yoga in pants that were wet.... (in the crotch region mind you) and smelled like fresh brewed coffee while get my sweat on.

9) After my yoga class I had to rush home to get Mad's ready for her GI specialist appointment. We are having her checked out because she chokes constantly and after one 911 choking scare and several other close calls we are worried sick. Poor kid can't even swallow most baby foods. She can handle liquids just fine, yogurts, and stage one baby food. Anything thicker in texture makes her start to choke. It's scary and I think my heart stops every time it happens. Why can't I just put her in a bubble to keep her safe till she is 18?!

10) Best thing I ate all week is one of my favorite things to order from any Chinese food restaurant. Crab Rangoons or Crab Wantons whatever you want to call them. They are hands down the best fried food on earth. Guess what they are also wicked easy to make! With just a few ingredients you can make a way better way crisper version right at home!

Crab Rangoons 


24 wanton wrappers 
1 package of cream cheese room temp
1 can of crab meat
1 tsp of honey
1  tsp of soy sauce
1/4 cup scallions sliced thin
 Oil for deep frying
cup of water for sealing wanton wrappers


Heat oil to 375.

In a mixing bowl combine cheese, crab, honey, soy sauce and scallions together.

Add 1 tbs of your filling to the center of each wrapper. Dip you finger in water and dab the outside of each wrapper with it then seal in half. Pinching it shut with your hands or by using a fork.

Drop crab rangoons in your preheated oil 4-5 at a time.

Fry for 20 seconds then flip them over to ensure even browning for an additional 20 seconds.

Remove from oil place on a paper towel to soak up the grease.

Enjoy hot in your favorite Asian dipping sauce!



  1. I have weeks like that! Luckily they're fairly infrequent, I had to laugh while reading your update, though, because I had a rough time a few weeks ago and was also busting out the gin & tonics. I can just see the tonic water exploding on me! The recipe sounds delicious.

    1. haha well I'm glad I am not the only one who has these kid of weeks. I feel like it always comes at once right?!

  2. Oh Carrie. When it rains it pours! While the dog stories had me laughing...I can see that, during the whole ordeal, they probably weren't funny. One of those things you look back on and laugh about. Good luck with the GI doctor, what a scary thing! Hopefully it's just something she'll grow out of. Have a great weekend, and these rangoons look SO good!

    1. Thanks! I hope it's just something that goes away to!

  3. I love crab rangoon and make it with a fresh pineapple dipping sauce...thx for the reminder that it's time for some!

    1. Yum! Pineapple would go great with them for sure!

  4. I'm glad that week was yours and not mine. Call the cops!

    Love crab rangoons too. They'd make any week better. :)

  5. Crab Rangoon is my FAVORITE appetizer. I judge a Chinese food on how their crab rangon is.

    Your day sounds awful, crazy, and funny.

  6. What a week you had! Hope you have a better weekend! These crab rangoons look so good! I would love some of these for lunch!

  7. Oh my! I can see why your friend was laughing so hard. Just one crazy thing after another. I hope things have calmed down since!

  8. Aw, sorry you had such a sucky week! I hope Mads gets better, keep me updated!

  9. What a week! At least these crab rangoons were part of it. PS: Dogs are nuts...but I'm totally crazy for them too.

  10. Crab rangoons, yes please. These look amazing Carrie!

  11. Oh my! That sounds like quite the week, Carrie! The rangoons look great - never tried them before but now I am totally tempted :)

  12. i've never had one of these before! (and i'm chinese!)

  13. These look totally professional and perfect, gorgeous job!!

  14. eek, sorry for your tough week! hopefully next week goes more smoothly. =) these crab rangoons look amazing, by the way!

  15. crab rangoons can surely make everything in the world right! Hope this week is looking better for you! :)

  16. i hope this week is not as stormy as the last one. when reading it sounds so funny but I know laughter is the last thing on your mind when it actually happens to you!
    Chin up Carrie :)

  17. ... tried your recipe and liked it a lot ... however, I tend to prefer slightly less crispy wraps, so I reduced oil temp to 365 F. .... :P

  18. Im going to have to try these..I think this would be something fun for the kids to make also