Day One King Arthur Flour's Blog and Bake (Recipe Writing)

As most of you know was honored to be asked by King Arthur Flour to join them and some other bloggers for a three day stay in Norwich, VT, where we and bake! For THREE whole days!

What more could I ask for right?

The staff at King Arthur Flour was amazing, they all worked very hard to make us all feel like a part of their King Arthur Family.

I learned.

Photo Courtesy  of Terri Rosenstock

I baked.

Photo Courtosy of Terri Rosenstock

Best of all I made a ton of new friends.

Photo Courtesy of Terri Rosenstock

Day one, I arrived in Norwich around 11:30am, checked into the beautiful Norwich Inn.

The Norwich Inn is a true gem, it's just so..... New England.

I love the Inn and had been there before. Their food is fabulous, they have their own brewery, and a fabulous wine selection.

After checking in and exploring the Inn a bit I packed up my DSLR and headed over to King Arthur Flour to meet my fellow bloggers and start our first class in recipe writing.

When I drove up to where King Arthur use to be... all that was left... was a large brick oven. The construction crew was in the process of tearing the old building down as the new building was getting it's final touches.

When you drive up the long winding driveway you are struck at how large and beautiful the new headquarters are.


In the new building they have class rooms, their bakery, and of course everyone's favorite part, the store.

It's enormous! Seriously... every bakers dream!

Our first class started promptly at 1pm (on a tight schedule!!)

They served us a great selection of cheese and crackers as well as a gorgeous fruit platter while we got to work in our recipe writing class taught by Susan G. Purdy.

Susan G. Purdy, Photo Courtesy of Terri Rosentock

Susan was so knowledgeable, she has written a ton of cookbooks (30.... published books....) , a professional baker/pastry chef, as well as a great teacher.

She walked us through the formatting for an easily readable recipe, as well as the importance in details, measurements, and of course.... testing and editing.

The biggest thing about cookbooks today is that so many of them have not been tested. She drilled it into us how important that as... as well as your editing.

I know the editing is something I struggle with, how often have you all caught me on a missing ingredient or step?
.......all to often!

After her class I  now know how much I need to work on a consistent  format with my recipes as well as being even more detail oriented before I hit publish on my recipe posts!

To make things fun and very interesting. Susan broke us up into groups of 6-7 bloggers. We each were given a task and some ingredients.

Our job? To work together and write a recipe, then make it.

Group one (my group) was in charge of creating a standard French Toast recipe. We had a french baguette, eggs, milk, butter, cinnamon, and some fresh berries.  All and all... easy enough and a great recipe. we even through a dash of wine in our raspberry sauce. YUM.

Group two did a yummy chicken and mushroom recipe.

Step two.... we had to switch recipes with the other group and test out eachother's work.

Sounds simple right?

Well let me tell you... it wasn't! Try cooking with 6 other people who ALL know whats best! It was fun but a lot harder than you'd think. Each group had things it missed or messed up on in the recipe writing process.

I know by the end of class all of us bloggers will be more conscious recipe writers!

Class ended around 5ish. We all headed back to the Norwich Inn to prepare for hors d'oeuvres and wine in their private wine cellar. How fun!

We were served,  crab cakes, chicken dipper things in an amazing sweet and sour sauce, bruschetta, spinach dip, a beautiful cheese and fruit selection, and as much wine or beer as we wanted!

Our evening was filled with great conversation, food and drinks.

Around 8pm a few of us decided to pile into Winnie's mini van and headed into Hanover, NH (about 10 min from Norwich) and get some Japanese!

We ate at a sushi place called Yama. They are all more adventurous than I... so I stuck with chicken teriyaki haha... I'm scared of sushi! The food was amazing, our waiter was funny and even let us stay and chat after all the other customers had cleared out!

It was a  busy busy day filled with lots of new tips as well as amazing food... When I went to bed that night I couldn't wait to start day two where we would learn about bread baking.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more on day two at King Arthur Flours Blog and Bake as well as a great simple bread and scone recipe and lots of bread baking tips! .... and last but not least. Our chance to be filmed in an upcoming Ciao Italia  episode and our dinner with Mary Ann Esposito!



  1. This looks amazing. Can't wait to see more!

    1. It really was an amazing few days!

    2. So excited for you and JEALOUS! What a dream... 3 whole days of baking/learning/eating/chatting. Seriously excited to see tomorrows post!

    3. Thanks Melissa, It was a blast!

  2. It's spelled "a lot".

    1. Aren't you just a doll for pointing out my error. Thank you anonymous....

  3. Oh gosh, this sounds so fun! Can't wait for the next part :)

    1. It was fun! Tomorrow's post will be a big one!

  4. This sounds like so much fun, Carrie! I would have been in heaven at something like this. I can't wait to read tomorrow's post!

    1. It was fun! I was so happy to have been invited.

  5. Girl! I thought today was a "down day"? You just couldn't resist, could you/ ;) Love to see your beautiful pics and see all the fun things you did! Can't wait to hear more!!!

  6. I'm so glad you had a great time and can't wait to read about the rest of your experience.

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to share the rest of it with you all.

  7. Holy wow!! This looks like it was such an incredible opportunity!

  8. That looks so much fun. I entered King Arthur recipe and food memory writing competitions to be able to get a chance to go to one of these classes , never won! Now I can see what I am missing and I have to try harder next time!

    1. They do offer allot of classes and traveling demos open to the public. Check their website for more info!

  9. Love this! It was great meeting you, Carrie.

    1. Thanks Sherron, and Carolyn so nice to meet you! I hope we cross paths again. If you ever are in NH let me know!!! If I ever make it up to Burlington... maybe we can snag a drink?