Basics in Bread Baking, Scones, Using Different Flours, Filming with Mary Ann Esposito (Day Two King Arthur Flour's Blog and Bake)

 Yesterday I shared with you a sneak peek into my arrival and first day of recipe writing at King Arthur Flour's Blog and Bake in Norwich Vermont.

Today I am going to share with you day two...

Day Two was the busiest day of the three! We talked about yeast breads, quick breads, got our hands in there and each baked our own breads and scones, learned about the different types of flours, participated in the filming of Caio Italia with Mary Ann Espisito, then end our night with a fabulous dinner at the Norwich Inn.

First lets talk about my bread making class...

I am terrified of bread baking.  I come from a family of fantastic bread bakers and I'm so intimidated by them I rarely try to make my own in fear that they won't measure up to my Great Aunt Bett's or my Aunt Terry's.

Irene (our teacher in that class) did such a fabulous job easing my fears. She walked us through how to do do everything! Even kneading... which is where I tend to mess things up!


 This was a new tip for me.... when you have gotten to about 10 minutes of kneading do the door bell test. Push lightly in the tough if it pops back out like a door bell... your dough is ready to rest!


After she gave us a tutorial of how to prepare the dough she set us to work. I sat with Julie from Mommie Cooks, she and I were chatting away while preparing our bread dough... while chatting I forgot something major....

Julie and I hard at work, Photo Courtesy of Terri Rosenstock
Like major major.... a key ingredient....


I quickly without thinking just measure out my yeast and toss it in... mind you I have allready added ALL the other ingredients!

Now if I were at home without a time limit I would have tossed the batch and started a new one but I knew there was no time for that!

If I would have slowed down and thought it through... I would have asked Irene what to do if you forget your yeast...

Then to top it all off Irene, comes up behind me and asks "do you have kids? or any stress in your life?" I answer OH Yes! Three kids.... lots of stress. Irene, "Well I can tell because you are beating your dough up!" She walked me through kneeding, made me relax a bit...

Added my yeast late.... and now I'm beating my dough up.  My poor white bread!

I just muddle on and crossed my fingers it would work. Julie was great she kept saying OH it's fine don't worry it will rise...

Well my friends it didn't rise. I was so sad! Serisouly how do you forget YEAST!

Later in class Irene and her assitent explain that if you do forget your yeast... don't give up you can try what they call a yeast slurry.  Either that.... I will be calling their Bakers Hotline.

Did you know you can call in if you are stuck in a recipe and are not sure what to do next and their expert bakers will talk you through it??!?!?! One more reason I love King Arthur Flour!

Everyone's bread look gorgus even mine did though it did not rise and was probably very very dense!

The bread that did not rise....

Next up in Day Two.... Scones.

We made a basic whole wheat scone, that was light, cakey and just plain perfect! It is now my base scone recipe that I will be making many many more times in the future.

The key in this scone dough was chunks of cold butter still visible to create little flakey pockets. But not too flakey and slightly cakey.

I learned a new method of lightly kneading my scone dough...

Turn dough onto plastic wrap and lightly turn and knead through the plastic. Worked GREAT! No sticky hands and the dough came together perfectly!

We all were alowed to choose from several yummy fillers. I used dried figs and topped my scones off with some sparkling sugar. They were SO good!

Next up on day two... a class on the different types of flours.

This class went over everything from the parts of wheat used, the different types of wheat, which flours contain more gluten, what to use specific flours for....

Our teacher (another Susan) even made a batch of muffins using each kind so we could see, feel, and taste the difference. Also... the use of muffin liners opposed to no liners at all. It's amazing at how much of a difference there was!

Susan also talked about what makes King Arthur Flour special.... and that would be consitency. They have much stricter guidlines in their prodcution then the rest of the flour companies. She showed us a loaf a bread made with King Arthur Flour and then one using our local store brand.... the difference is obvious don't you think?

King Artnur is the bread photographed on the left...

Next in Day Two... Filming with Mary Ann Esposito....

I don't want to give away too many of the details, because you should all watch the episode when it is aired! But here are a few photos as a sneak peek!

Photo Courtesy of Paul Lally (Ciao Italia Producer)

Left to right, Megan, Videographer (can't remember her name!), Nikki, Mark, Astrid, Myself and Julie all photographing Mary Ann's dish we had just made for TV!! Photo Courtesy of Terri Rosenstock

Behind the scenes of the taping of Ciao Italia Photo Courtesy of Terri Rosenstock

Mary Ann and I getting my copy of her book signed

Next up.... Dinner at the Norwich Inn with Mary Ann Esposito

The Chef at the Norwich Inn was given the task of creating the recipe we had just made with Mary Ann in the taping of her show.

They did an amazing job, I went to bed that night feeling fat and happy... as well as a bit "wined" up... It was an Italian dinner... so you know we had a good flow of wine being served!

At the end of the night when we were all sitting around having drinks and I look down and see this on the table...  it made me smile.
You know you are hanging out with food bloggers when there is a table of DSLRs

Be sure to check out tomorrow's post on pastries! It was my favorite part of the trip!



  1. Great post Carrie! I wanna be back at KAF!!!!!!!!!

    1. I know... I could go for a couple more days there!

  2. Great post! I'm converting to KAF. :)

    Oh and as for missing a key ingredient, made your S'mores brownies on Tuesday and forgot the cocoa powder. I was so mad at myself! It came down to Multitasking and not gathering all of the necessary ingredients beforehand, as I usually do.

    Oh well! Still ate some!


    1. You should convert to KAF... they are the best! Not only is the product awesome, they are a company who cares about community and it's employees. They are truly unique... Ok enough of my raving! haha

  3. Oh my heart. I'm so busy today but I popped on JUST to see if you had posted yet! You did... hurrah! I had a total KAF weekend in Vermont dream last night and I blame you :) I even told the hubs all about how you got to go over dinner. My goal is to make it on the team in the next few years! So excited for you and what a great day, yeast or no yeast.

    1. Melissa if you really want to go next year let me know I'll give you the contact info for the women who runs the retreat... (same person who sent you the KAF goodies from the giveaway!)

  4. I know you were upset that you didn't add the yeast but I still think that your breads were cute! And we learned something too - yeast slurry... Looks like you had so much fun! The part about beating the dough made me laugh! :)

  5. Awesome post, Carrie! Love the recaps and the pictures! Looks like you had an amazing time. You can definitely see the benefits of using KAF opposed to store/generic brands with that loaf comparison. And spending time with Mary Ann how great is that! :)

    1. thanks Jennifer! It really was a great time!!

  6. Love it! Great post and it was so fun meeting you!

  7. How fun! And I'm absolutely terrified of yeast too but going through this post is making me want to bake some bread this weekend!

  8. So much info, it's fantastic!! And so much fun!!!

    1. It was allot of info in one day... but so much fun!! PS... Hope your having a blast at BlogHer! I'm only a little jealous.... seriously wish I was in Seattle this weekend!

  9. Oh, my gosh, that so looks like the perfect day for me. Bread, scones, wine, etc... sounds like you're having the time of your life. (And I'm glad you at least noticed the lack of yeast before the rise. :) )

    1. I know I'm glad I caught it before hand so I knew what I did wrong!!

  10. I forgot yeast in my first batch of dough, too! I whipped up another batch quickly, and they took my first batch off to try the yeast slurry on... ;)

    1. That was yours they used the slurry on?? I just kept on going... I should have called Irene over. How did it turn out????