My Week in 10

Hello Lovelies!

Another sneak peek into my week....

Randoms from my week ( in no special order!)

1) I made puff pastry! *woop woop*!! From scratch the French way.... it was buttery, it was flaky, it was down right perfect! Post about it on Sunday!

2) Cookie Madness is happening right now.... baking for a 5k for my husbands employer. We've got some brown butter going down, as well as some chocolate and peanut butter, healthy and not so healthy! Cookie posts next week!

3) Mads is standing up! Little nut. She's going to be walking at 9mos... just watch!

4) A little snid bit on Sundays with Joy... Joy the Baker is officially the sweetest foodie on blog block. She commented on all our posts in the group last weekend.  LOL she's probaly creaped out "who are the 60 women who are semi obsessed with me?!"

5) Small oven fire yesterday in project puff pastry.... I'll tell you all about it in Sundays Post! 

6) I have pulled off a total of.... 11 ticks this week. YUK it's tick freaking hell up in here!

7) Brought the kids to one of our favorite spots in all of NH. Beech Hill Farm.... It's a farm located in no mans land, that sells the best ice cream, beautiful flowers, a crafty country little gift shop.... and has goats, pigs, peacocks, ducks, chickens, rabbits, sheep, mini horses, donkey, cows..... And a giant sand pit for the kids to play in. Pretty much kid heaven. Such a fun day for only the price of an ice cream cone.... I was in and out with only spending $5!

8) Working on the plans for my Sister In-laws baby shower. FUN I love this stuff. I wish I could divulge some of the details but she might read this... so I'm zipping it!  We also found out she is having a GIRL! Yay I get to dump the bags and bags and bags of girl clothes on someone!

9) Woodchucks cider comes in a can! It changes the flavor... it seems more tart? It was yummy and I think I liked it better then the cider in a bottle! .... though nothing beats getting it on tap!

10) I had a little epiphany after talking to my BFF the other day. The chat was about being content. Something that has taken me a while to get to. It is so hard to be content, grateful, and happy with what you do have and not dwell on what you don't have. For a long time I fought with sadness, borderline depression over the small things. Worrying about how I measure up to other moms, do I do enough? Longing for a nicer house, fancy clothes, time and money to get my hair done up nails done.... the whole shebang. Wishing I had the freedom to "go out" with friends and have the social life my kidless friends have... I woke up one day about a year and half ago and was happy. Something clicked. I stopped dwelling on the I wish I hads and looked around at what I DO have. I am truly blessed. I have felt content, and at ease for the first time in a very  long time.

So tell me how was YOUR week??

Any Mothers Day plans??

How do you deal with a case of the "I wish I had...."



  1. First, glad you didn't burn your house down! Fires scare me :P

    11 ticks?! I don't think I have ever had one, but my friend did once and she FREAKED out. I am glad you handle it quite well!

    And lastly, but most importantly, it is wonderful to realize you are content. I am very happy for you! It is too easy to get in the comparison game -- which is a game we will ALWAYS lose. Keep counting your blessings! :)

  2. Hi Carrie! Your kids are totally adorable! (swoon) I love the pic of your daughter in her hat - so cute :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Just thinking of ticks have me itching a little now, lol! Great post and round up of your week!

    If I had to say I wish I had it would be just a few more hours in the day. I feel so blessed to have the life I have but some days just go by so quickly. Other than that, I wouldn't want to change anything. Some days are better than others but I think we all have those days. :)

    Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!!

  4. Yum, cookies. Can't wait! Tics, yuck. And I want to squish that baby. :)