Foodie Pen Pal

This month I was excited to participate in my very first Foodie Pen Pal.

What is a Foodie Pen Pal you ask?

Well... it's a pen pal but not in the traditional sense... instead of sending letters... you send your pen pal a package of food related items!

There are I think like 500 or 600 participants all over the country... even in the UK and Canada! Each month you get a name of a blogger (or non blogger) to send your package to. Then in turn you will receive a package from someone else!

It's loads of F. U. N.

This month I was assigned to send a package to Krystal, if you want to see what I sent go ahead and check out her blog! (I am a terrible pen pal...)

It's true I am. I felt like my package was skimpy... though I used the spending guidelines..... I just felt like the items were not enough.... THEN to top it off... I was supposed to send something written... could be anything a letter, note, recipe.... SO I did a little note about the products I chose (all locally made NH items) and a recipe card that I had written...

Yeah forgot my note and recipe card when I loaded all 3 kids up in the rain mind you to head to the post office... so I scrounged through my car for any piece of paper and pen and seriously wrote her like a 3 word note.


But enough about that.... lets get to the good stuff...

What I got!

Sherina from Zumba Girl was awesome... She lives in outside of Seattle, so she sent me a ton of Seattle items... Starbucks of course, some of the best toffee I have ever consumed.... THEN she sent me some other great goodies... this chocolate covered fruit, butter crunch toffee for baking, big gold fish cookies crackers (kiddos were happy with those!), the best candy.... EVER White Chocolate Toblerone. OMG. It was gone with in seconds of opening the box! I love that stuff, the bits of chewy honey are the best!

Then for the best part....

Tons of Biscoff cookies.

Yep, my girl did good. You all know how crazy I go for Biscoff!

For more info please check out The Lean Green Bean on how to sign up!



  1. I love that card! I also like the mini packets of Biscoff cookies.

  2. I literally signed up for this directly after reading your post! What an awesome idea! I've thought about seeing if you wanted to do this with me some time, there are so many great products that you keep talking about that I can't get here (in fact, your blog is entirely responsible for the Biscoff cookie making my food bucket list)... anything from Canada that you want to trade? Lol.

  3. It sounds like so much fun. I signed up for the first time this month. Can't wait to participate.

  4. So glad you and the family enjoyed the foodie box Carrie. I really enjoy your Blog! Best Wishes to you.