My Week in 10

Last week was the first time I did a "My Week in 10" I think I will do this post every Friday from now on. As you get to know me and get these little glimpses into my life... you will see that I'm such a mess.


But I love every second of the craziness in my life. There is never a dull moment.

So here it is folks 10 things that happened in my life this week!

1) Hubs bough THIS car. He is quite pumped though he will NEVER admit it. He is Mr. Cheapo, he has driven a small sedan that we bought new for the past 7 yrs. He has racked up the miles and has not taken very good care of it, so it's a junk box at this point. We payed it off so he was determined to run it into the ground. Which he did! He drove this crappy car for so long, WITHOUT AC!! Roll up windows, a broken e-brake...
               -E-brake story for you! 2 winters ago, I did not know the e-brake was broken so I loaded my kids in the car popped it into neutral pulled the break and began to load up the trunk with our stroller.... well brake was broken so it started to roll and ran me over. Seriously.... I ran myself over!! Luckily no ER visit was in store for me I just wrecked myself and terrified my 2 little boys who were strapped in to their seats as the car rolled their mother over and continued down our drive way until it hit our mailbox/snow bank. Yeah.... this stuff happens in my life often! Needless to say 2 yrs later he traded the crap car in, praise the lord!!

2) I had to call 911 for the first time in my life.......
Mads choked, started to turn purple. I had the whole volunteer fire department, 1 ambulance and the 2 cops we have in our small town come to the rescue. Luckily she puked up whatever it was right as the pediatrics entered the house. I am not yet 30, and yes I have gray hairs. This is why. The single most scarriest moment of my life. I though she was going to choke to death. This was 4 days ago and I haven't stopped snuggling her since this little episode.

Mad's makes neck fat look so darn cute!

3) My dog attacked a contractor working on our basement..... I pulled him off while holding the baby. It was a scene. The 2nd time the poor man jumped into our bulk head to take cover as the beast lunged at him. He was screaming something in Spanish as we closed the bulk head door behind him.

4) Potty training... you know I can't go a week without telling you some story about poop and pee right?! I am the mother of 3 after all. So Chase... Dear Chase.... We need to work on his aim. I LOVE that he is trying to pee on the potty. But NO it is not ok to pee in the Bathtub! I walk in the bathroom to see him standing on the floor aiming into the bath tub... then back into the toilet covering the space between the 2 in urine. Nice... nice Chase. Just what Mama wants to clean up today!

My sweet Chase picking me flowers!

5) I finally got my expanding bum into the Bikram studio to do some yoga. If you skip working out for 2 weeks then go back... you will inevitably hurt yourself. My shoulders and legs hurt so bad today!

6) I made this Bacon Maple Biscuit Bake that will blow your mind!

7) Grey's Anatomy is back on! Woohoo! I have a mean crush pretty much every male character on the show. But seriously... do they have to kill babies in every episode? Because I can't keep watching the show if I'm sobbing the whole time. I go to bed feeling sad.

8) Go watch THIS movie... you'll cry your eyes out but it's a good cry I promise!

9) I have a reason to bake dozens and dozens of cupcakes and cakes this weekend. Which makes me SO happy. I love being asked to bake for events, though seriously... Carrie do not wait till the last minute to do everything. Today/tonight will be long ones because of your procrastination! Owen had one of my cookies and cream cupcakes this morning and his words were exactly this " This tastes like heaven!"

Owen practicing his swing make his Daddy proud!

10) King Arthur Flour is sponsoring a kick butt Giveaway on my blog this week! Go enter to win!!!  CLICK HERE!

PS I had to include some recent pics of the kiddos because they are my world <3

And as always your comments make my day, so tell me.... How was YOUR week?



  1. Calling 911 is scary! But I am so glad to hear they were quick to respond and everything is ok!

  2. Last night's Grey's was so sad. I really didn't think that they'd kill of Morgan's baby. And why is Karev trying to help out all of a sudden? And why is Christina defending Owen?! So frustrating.

  3. Oh my what a week is right! I'm so glad she's ok and have fun baking this weekend :)

  4. Kathleen Gally StaskinApril 27, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    Wow! It sounds like you had quite a week! I have had to call 911 3 times in my life - twice for my daughter (she was having seizures that wouldn't stop) and once for myself (thought I was having a heart attack - but it was just a panic attack), so I can sympathize. It's definitely scary. So glad your sweet baby girl is O.K.

  5. Oh my goodness, what a scary 911 emergency!! I'm so glad to hear that everything turned out alright!!

  6. Oh my, how scary! So glad she's okay!

    And I second that on Grey's Anatomy. It was all I could do to hold it together last night.

    What a fun post!

  7. Compared to yours my week was absolutely boring. :) I worked, I cooked, I got a facial, I went to the beach. b o r i n g.

    However, if I required being run over, choking or getting eaten by a dog for excitement, I'll take boring. heh