Mexican Chipotle Taco Pasta Bake and My Week in 10

I often get bloggers writers block. I have a recipe. I have some photos. But I don't know what else to write. It's really irritating. So because I don't have a cute little story or something to rant about. I'm going give you 10 random things from my week.

 Numero Uno: My daughter learned how to clap! Silly as that sounds to those of you who don't have kids. When you have a baby and they learn the smallest things you jump up and down with excitement. Through out every day I shout to the other kids or my husband or just anyone who will listen "OH LOOK!! Mads just sat up!" "Oh look she's holding her bottle!!" "Awww look she just sneezed!" If I'm not wowing over the silliest small things that she does. I'm just staring at her. Seriously I just stare. She is so amazing on so many levels. I can't help it. I've never seen a little girl this cute (no offense to other mothers and babies!)

#2 My son had his last day at Preschool. We ended his year 1 month short because of some changes in our schedules. I was incredibly sad to have to end our stay at his school. His teachers were amazing, the friends he made this year were amazing, and all the other parents who were members of our cooperative school were amazing. I will miss them all very much as will he! BUT he is also pumped because he keeps saying "Na na na na, I'm not a preschooler anymore I'm in Kindergarten!" I keep having to remind him we have until September until school starts!

 #3 Chase learned to pee on trees. Yup. He. Pees. On. Trees. But not on the potty. WHAT THE HELL! I'm so over him being in diapers!

#4 My husband is golfing again. This is a good thing. But this is a bad thing for my yoga class! I'm so happy he is out and about and having some fun with his friends outside of work. He works hard and needs this time to himself. However... It interferes with my yoga class.... We need to figure out a happy medium so we both can "our time"

#5 I made a Lobster. I mean I KILLED a lobster. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I'm a bad ass because I successfully boiled a live creature? Or am I a Lobster Killer? I don't eat it. I hate shellfish. Like really hate the stuff. But my Hubs loves it... the things I do for that man!

#6 I drank so many Dunkins Iced Coffees this weeks it's amazing I was able to sleep.

#7 I bought this super cute top at TJ Maxx the other day. I drug all 3 kids in shopping with me. The 2 boys just beg for new toys the whole time, Mads starts screaming because I lost her binky... I'm basically THAT Mom you see when you go to the malls or wherever with 3 snotty nosed kids having tantrums at the same time. My hair is probably a mess, I have no make up on, and yes I'm wearing yoga pants and my husbands Tshirt. I'm probably bribing them with candy (just what every spoiled snot nose needs right?!) to be quiet so Mommy can shop. Well guess what, when I got home tried my super cute shirt on that I went through shopping hell to find. Well it wasn't a shirt!! I tried putting it on like 50 times and it wouldn't go over my shoulders. "WTF is wrong with this shirt!" ............. "Ohhhhh it's not a shirt. It's jumpsuit. That's a leg hole"

#8 I learned that Mom's should not go shopping with three kids.

#9 I bought 3 jars of Biscoff spread this week. I baked with one, ate the 2nd with a spoon. And then gave the 3rd away before licked the jar clean.

#10 Last but not least the highlight of my week! I Carrie of Bakeaholic Mama was invited to attend the King Arthur Flour Blog and Bake in Norwich, VT. A 2 night stay meals included at the Norwich Inn. I will be 1 of 16 bloggers who are attending... invite only. Yeah I'm so excited I can't contain it!  Norwich is about a 2 hour drive from here and probably one of my favorite New England towns. My husband's family all lives in that area so we visit a few times a year. We were even about take the plunge and start looking for new jobs in the area and buying a house there. BUT then things changed with Hubs job so we are staying put in good ol' NH.  If you have never been to Norwich or VT in general. I suggest you plan a trip. It really is beautiful!  But yeah back to the Blog and Bake...  Here is a little info on it....

*Hands on sessions that include instructions in, yeast baking, baking with whole grains, making the perfect portable pies, using blitz puff pastry, and a class on recipe writing.
* Learn about applications for a wide variety of flours.
* Chat with and learn from King Arthur Flour Bakers and each other.
****A special dinner demo done by Mary Ann Esposito! AAAANNDD... A dinner created by her. For those of you who don't know who she is... She is a famous cookbook author and TV personality.

Best part of all... I get 3 days and 2 nights centered around food... kid free! WOOOHOOO!

TGIF Friends... now lets eat some pasta!!

Chipotle Taco Pasta Bake


1 lb lean ground beef (you can also use chicken or turkey)
1 16 oz box of dried pasta
1 Bell pepper diced
1 Small yellow onion diced 
1 package of room temperature cream cheese
1 can of black beans drained and rinsed
1 cup of sour cream
1 cup diced fresh tomatoes
8 oz shredded pepper jack cheese
1 cup of crushed tortilla chips
1 jar of salsa
2 tbs of Mystic Blue Spice Chipotle Taco Seasoning


Boil pasta according to package directions.

In a large fry pan add in your ground meat, diced peppers and onions. Fry until beef is cooked through. Make sure to break it up into small pieces with your spatula.

Toss cooked pasta with your meat/veggies, and the cream cheese, and shredded cheese. Mix until cheese is all mixed in. The cream cheese should melt right in and coat pasta.

Add in sour cream, beans,salsa and taco seasoning. 

Pour into a large baking dish top with tortilla chips and diced tomatoes. 

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

Garnish with sliced scallions or fresh cilantro.

   Tell me... How was YOUR week??



  1. This pasta is brilliant! I love it.

    Compared to your week mine was boring! I AM off to a photography course in Brisbane today so that makes me happy. Maybe I can come close to you and everyone else once I learn more. :)

  2. this pasta bake looks good! + congrats on being invited to the King Arthur event - so cool!

  3. Wow, that's awesome. Have fun at King Arthur.

  4. Congrats on the King Arthur getaway! That will be a blast and you should def feel honored to have been chosen. This pasta bake is right up my alley. Love Mexican, love pasta, love casseroles...perfect!

  5. Congrats on the invite to the King Arthur Bake and Blog! I hope you have a wonderful time! As for the lobster, that's been on my bucket list for some time but I just don't know how I'd handle the whining as they're getting killed in boiling water. It makes me shudder!!

    On another note, what a gorgeous looking pasta. I'm game for anything involving chipotle! :)

  6. What an awesome pasta bake! It looks so delicious! :) Have a great weekend!

  7. The pasta looks yummy, but I really loved your top 10...I can SO relate! 3 kids and shopping = horrible; potty training = so glad that's over, but my son loves to pee outside (of course, now I'm trying to house train a puppy); TJ Maxx = love; Biscoff = LOVE (and it's being carried in a store locally now...trouble! We've been through several jars!); and 3 days centered around food - without kids?! = so Jealous! (yes, with a capital J!) Have fun!

  8. You've had quite a week, Carrie! Much more exciting them mine! I totally know what you mean about not knowing what to write sometimes, the same thing happens to me and it drives me crazy!! The pasta looks fabulous! Have a great weekend! :)

  9. That has been quite the week for you! I must say though I was laughing as you described your shopping trip...mainly because I've been there and done that...minus buying the jumpsuit:-) LOL! It gets much better as they get scratch that, they still whine if I take them shopping. It is just easier to say ok then, no xbox for the weekend! Works every time!!!
    I love the pasta!!! It looks amazing! Girl your photography is getting better and better!!! Great job! Oh and awesomeness getting invited to the blogging event! Was it something you had to apply for? Just curious how these bloggy things work:-)

  10. This is right up my alley. I am crazy about chipotle lately, regardless of the need to drink a gallon of water while I am eating. This looks too good! (ps loving all your Biscoff recipes lately! I am currently do not have any in the house for the purpose that I would eat the entire jar with a spoon). :)