Everything But The Kitchen Sink Pasta Salad (easily adaptable)

Well it's not really summer, it's only April the leaves are just starting to but, crocuses, daffodils, and tulips are just starting to blossom.
But we keep getting these heat waves, so it feeeeels like summer. 
When it is this hot (94 yesterday!) I don't like to do allot of cooking, so we  grill. 
This salad is one that I've been making since I was a kid.  Even though I'm all grown up and have this blog and everyone knows I love to bake! I still get asked to bring this ever so simple salad to all our family BBQs. People love it.
Or either that my family and friends have yet to realize.... hey did you know Carrie writes a baking and cooking blog. She actually knows how to make yummy food besides pasta salad!

It's like they think it is just a silly hobby or something, like I sit around all day eating potato chips on the couch on the computer. 

I want to scream some days... this is no joke friends, it is actually something. Blogging IS something.

When I tell people success stories of bloggers like Ree Drummond and Joy the Baker. They look at me like I have 15 heads. 
"So YOU want to be on the Food Network?"
I'm no Pioneer Women. 
And I will probably never think up something as genius as the Cake Pop... Thanks Bakerella for giving me the "Why didn't I think of that moment!
But seriously folks blogging does lead to bigger and better things. 
Bakeaholic Mama is ONLY 9 months old... 9 months! Oh the place it can go! 
I know people who have been doing this for years and still love it no matter how big or small their blogs are.
Does this need to provide me with a wildly high income. No. 
It just needs to make me happy... and that friends is priceless.  

Just wait Carrie will go places. She does more than sit on the computer and eat all day. 

But until then, lets eat some pasta salad k?

 Everything But the Kitchen Sink Pasta Salad

1 box of your favorite pasta (Or use up the little bits of many boxes just to clear them out of the pantry!)
1 bottle of your favorite Italian Salad Dressing 
1/2 bottle of balsamic vinigrette or olive oil/vinager (I always have Newmans in the fridge)
About 1.5 cups chopped brocoli florretts (half a head?)
1 Bell Pepper thiny sliced
1/4 cup or one small red onion diced
1 cup of grape tomatoes
2 cloves of minced garlic 
1 small can of black olives drained
1 cup of sliced smoked sausage, or keilbasa, or pepperoni (whatever you got!)
1 cup of cubed cheese (Sometimes I use feta, motzerella, pepper jack, cheddar, colby... what ever I have on hand) 
Cook your pasta according to the box directions.

Rinse cooked pasta under cold water. 

Toss with all of your other ingredients. 

Refiderate until cold. I normally make mine the morning of, or the night before.

Toss pasta before serving it with a little extra salad dressing.

My Question of the day...  Do you have something in your life that your friends and family don't support or don't take seriously?


  1. I feel your pain girl! When I started my blog, it was so that I could market Barefoot Books (that's how I know met your cousin!) and NOBODY supported that. Since then, I've expended my blog and again...people ask, "Why?" Honestly, it's a great place to journal, share recipes, crafts, ideas, rants...people just need to respect and admire. I have a hard time with such negativity...but people love to dish it. Much like I'd like to dish out a HUGE bowl of your pasta salad this morning. Looks like the perfect Summer salad. Thanks for sharing my friend. Oh - and I get it, so many of us do...so keep on doing what you love. You're doing a fabulous job!!!

  2. Blogging is a HUGE deal - - and nine months, that's great!! Congratulations on making it nine months ;)
    This is such a great salad, I love that you can pretty much add whatever you have on hand.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Yes, it's simple, but sometimes those are the best dishes. I get the same type of discouragement when
    I make some delicious, gooey, cheesy casserole and it just won't photograph well. Sometimes the "ugly" or "simple" food is the BEST!!! And CONGRATULATIONS on 9 months!!! That's awesome!!!

  4. Holy hot - 94 already???? I feel for you! But this salad really does make me crave summer. Especially with the rainy, gloomy day I have outside right now!

  5. I just don't understand why anyone would say anything negative about writing a blog! I just started reading food blogs a couple of months ago and couldn't believe what I had been missing! I love your blog Carrie! If my daughter who is 33 wanted to start a food or kids or crafts blog I would so encourage her all the way! I love reading all the recipes and ideas as well as making and eating the recipes. Too me it's so fun to read so I can only think how much fun you guys are having writing them! I love seeing where everyone lives and the food from their areas! I think the whole blogging idea is genius, it entertains me daily! I have ordered so really cute things for my grandlkids that I would have never found in a store! I've had fun entering contest, won two so far( one was yours Carrie!) I love all the delicious food and I love how excited you get when you present your creations! Keep up the fabulous work Carrie and all you bloggers I am truly a fan of all of you! I will be your cheerleader! Love your blog very much Carrie and totally respect the time you put into it while raising a family and keeping your hubby happy!

  6. I love your blog, Carrie! It's a happy place - for you and your readers. The comments above are the proof! My blog is 9 months old too and I enjoy every bit of it. :) The salad - love it! And I know my kids will too. Thank you for this post. xoxo

  7. love the idea of putting kielbasa in a pasta salad. Never thought to do that; however, we eat a lot of kielbasa in our home!

  8. YES! It's TOTALLY time for pasta salad! I love making huge batches and bringing it to the park/beach in tupperware. Your recipe looks great and I love the huge chunks of kielbasa and the different noodles. great, great, great!

  9. I had a friend from high school email me after she read my blog and she made me feel so good about things. Most people don't take it too seriously but she rocked my world with her kindness. I love your attitude. And this dish is PW worthy for sure. I love the sausage in it. Super yummy.

  10. Delicious!! I made this tonight and had three helpings! Tweaked it a little and added fresh corn, and used cavatappi because that's what I had-fun to eat. The shapes you used look beautiful though. Thanks!