Lucky Charm Treat Pops

We all love a rice crispy treats but why not a lucky version of America's favorite cereal turned treat?

Tomorrow Owen has a small St. Patrick's Day Party at school. So for a fun project we made some Lucky Charm Treat Pops to share with his friends.

We had allot of fun making them as well as getting sticky icky!

Lucky Charm Treat Pops


6 cups of Lucky Charms Cereal
1 bag of marshmallows
3 tbs of butter


On medium low heat in a large pot melt marshmallows and butter together.

In a large bowl mix youf mallow mixture with 6 cups of cereal. Working quickly (it gets super sticky!) pour out on to a large sheet of parchment paper. Flatten so it is about 1 -2 inches thick. Let it cool for about 10-15 minutes.

Cut your treats into about 20-24 pieces. Roll each piece into balls. Stick a Popsicle stick about 2/3's of the way in. Let them set for 1 hour to harden completely. Store in an air tight container.    
(treats can also be cut into 2 inch bars)

Are you making anything fun for a St. Patty's Day Party this weekend? 


  1. What a terrific celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Lovely to meet you and your blog!

  2. YUM! These would make me and my kid SO happy. :)

  3. Sounds perfect to me, and YES I love love rice krispie treats:-) They are adorable! Hugs, Terra

  4. What a fun recipe. I love Lucky Charms. YUM.

  5. My kids (never mind, make that MY HUSBAND) are going to LOVE these! :) THANKS so much.

  6. i'm thinking of making these pops for a future play-date. looks like lots of fun, especially to eat