Blogging for Fishes Recipe Book GIVEAWAY. ~CLOSED~

I want to talk Fish.

Not Fish as in the fish in the sea. But the Fish Family.

Grab a tissue, and watch this video. Then we will finish talking.

Now go hug your kids.

Natalie and Alice Fish are 2 beautiful little girls who have been diagnosed with SCID ( Severe Combined Immunodeficiency). OR the "Bubble Boy Disease"

Because I am not health expert nor an expert on SCID and at the risk of explaining it wrong, I recommend you read more about it here.

A few months ago I had never heard of the Natalie and Alice Fish let alone SCID. Now every time I see this video or read updates on their hospital stay and recovery on the Fish Family Blog I cry for them.

If only I could  hug those girls and help their parents a bit more. There isn't a moment that goes by that I don't thank god for my children's health. In a million years I do not think I could even imagine the pain and stress their little bodies are under let alone the pain and stress their parents live with every day just watching as their beautiful babies suffer.

When I was contacted by Ali the creator of the blog Lemon Poppy Inc. to  contribute a recipe and photo to a cookbook that when completed would be sold with the proceeds being donated to the Fish Family,  I jumped at the chance. It's not allot but it's something I could do to help these girls and their family. I was just one of many bloggers who did the same.

That is my Maple Brown Sugar Cream Pie... one of many mouth watering recipes!

Ali put so much work into creating this book and setting up this fundraiser to help the Fishes. I want to thank her so much for everything, as well as including me in on this opportunity to help out.

If you would like to purchase the Blogging for Fishes ebook or recipe book click here for more info on Ali's blog Lemon Poppy Inc. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to help the Fish family.

I have not one but TWO copies I will be giving away.

To win all you have to do is...

-Watch the Fish Family video I posted above and share it on your facebook pages, twitter, email... any way you can think of SHARE IT. 
-Leave a comment here on my blog saying that you have watched and shared the video. Make sure to leave your email address as well.

On Friday, March 30th at 5pm I will use to pick 2 winners. I will then contact each winner to arrange shipment of their cookbooks.

Giveaway is open to US residents only.


Bloggers want to do more than just share this video or buy a cook book to help?

Add the Fish Family button to your blog linking directly to their website. .... Look to your right on this website and you can see my Fishes for Marrow Wishes button.


  1. I watched the video, what an amazing family, incredible and heartbreaking story but so inspiring. I'll mention this on my blog today as well. Thanks for doing this Carrie. I really have no words to describe how deeply this affected me.

  2. Oh my gosh, what beautiful little girls. Seeing children suffer is one of the worst things imaginable. Thanks for sharing this. I did post this to twitter. Thanks again for posting the video.
    Karen Bellmer

  3. I watched and I shared and I cried and my heart is breaking for this beautiful family.

  4. I watched I shared I cried and my heart goes out to the Fish family.

  5. Oh my heart breaks for the fami.y I"ll be sharing this with everyone.

  6. I watched and shared the video! Two of my nieces also have SCID and what a long road it has been for them. I pray for these little sweethearts.

  7. I watched the video & posted to my FB page. So very sad & you can bet I'll be ordering the cookbook!
    My thoughts & prayers are with the family.

  8. Watched this video and shared and can barely type as my eyes are full of tears. I had no idea this illness still existed. What brave little girls and the family is awesome! The boy is an angel for sure. I am going to include them in my prayers. Although I have problems, they seem so unimportant now and I do hope after watching this we all count our blessings!

  9. I watched and shared after it brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing family.

  10. I have watched and shared this video. My heart is so heavy for what this family has had to endure and what hope they have for their daughters beautiful futures. We should all be so lucky to have such strength and hope.

  11. Can't imagine what they have to go through!! Thoughts and prayers go out to them and the two precious girls!