A Happy Birthday Weekend and 6 Layer Creamsicle Cake

The Birthday Beach Bum and I.

This past weekend we celebrated my middle son Chase's 3rd birthday.

We were a little on the fence on if we should cancel or continue on with our celebration weekend. We ALL got sick AGAIN!

What a rough winter it has been in the Bakeaholic household.

We ended up canceling his b-day trip to the museum but left our Sunday party plans in check.

Because I was dealing with sick kids and a big baby sick husband.... On a side note... why is it husbands are such babies when they get sick? When mom's get sick, we are on our own, we get no 'sick' days! But the world stops when the big guys get sick.  ;)

So I resorted to a box mix... and store bought frosting.

Please don't judge me lol....
Here is what I did for the cake.... 3 boxes of white cake mix, mix according to box directions but then add a tsp of orange extract, and 2 drops of orange food dye into each mix. Each mix will make 2 8 inch round cakes.

Frost with cream cheese frosting.

For my 6 layers I went through 5 containers of frosting.

Walla.... 6 layer creamsicle cake!

Now I'm curious.... do any of you  have ways of sprucing up a boxed cake mix??


  1. LIke I said on facebook...nothing wrong with a cake mix!!! I am the queen of using them:-) I love how easy they are, what can I say. You can add some sour cream or pudding mix and that helps jazz it up some!!! I love how big this cake is...now I really want a big piece of cake!!!

  2. Nothing wrong with a cake mix! Your cake looks perfect!! One of our favourite cakes is a white cake mix with jello poked in it! Yum!
    Happy birthday to your boy!

  3. No Judging here! We have all been short on time and make a few helper shortcuts! your cake looks very yummy!

  4. I'm so happy you're human too! haha We can't always measure the flour. My favorite was the cake I made for my mom's birthday: White cake mix with added fresh chopped strawberries and lemon extract. Though I can't bring myself to do store bought icing. I did lemon cream cheese for that one. Feel better!

  5. I *highly* recommend Cake Mix Doctor cookbooks. She takes a cake mix and adds other things to make it unique. I rarely just make a box mix anymore. So yummy! (I swear I can taste that orange creamsicle flavor as I read this.)

  6. I just baked an Orange Cake this morning from a cake mix - what a coincidence!

    Mix a yellow cake mix, 1 cup orange juice, 3/4 cup miracle whip and 3 eggs. Pour into a bundt pan, bake 35-40 min. at 350 degrees. Very moist and delicious!

    I have several recipes for dressing up cake mixes. So much faster. Happy birthday to your son!

  7. That is the most fabulous picture! You look like you should be a movie star in a magazine! Happy bday to Chase! :)

  8. As much as I love baking from scratch, I love using cake mix because it's so easy. Especially for kids and their parties - the kids don't care! What a beautiful cake! I hope you're all feeling better. :)

  9. Sometimes it's just easier to use the box - and why not? It still astes good. :) Your presentation is amazing! And I really hope everyone is feeling better.

  10. I usually make sour cream coffee cakes with a butter/yellow cake mix.

    If I'm taking cake/cupcakes to a church function, where I know the kids are just going to grab and not appreciate a homemade cake, I'll use a box mix & canned frosting too.

    I do an annual Groundhog Day party and until this year I've been using a box & canned frosting. Although mixes are no longer cheap. This year, my guests are being treated to my Hershey's Dark Chocolate Cake - as cupcakes and buttercream frosting. A sugar cookie cutout as a groundhog that has been dipped in dark chocolate will be the decoration on it. Each kid (and any adult who wants one) takes them home to enjoy the next day.

  11. I often use cake mixes - love em, but it is RARE that I ever simply bake a cake without doing something different with it. This is a fabulous idea for a yummylicious cake....perfect for a celebration.