My Real Life... I'm No June Cleaver....

I was emailed about a recipe recently and at the end the emailer asked.

"How do you run a house 3 kids and cook all this yummy stuff all day long?"

Well I'd like to say "Oh it's easy!"

But lets be real... I can't possibly run a house, keep it spic and span, chase 2 busy boys, and nurse a very hungry 2 mo old constantly and cook amazing dinners and desserts EVERY day.

If you think you are a June Cleaver... Power too you! But seriously do you sleep?

As it is I get very little sleep and have very little time for a social life.

If you see me online through out the day... well it is because I am glued to my couch nursing round the clock with my laptop at my side...

I've gotten quite good at typing with one hand!

When I cook or bake, it is on a good day. A day when my boys are chilled out watching a movie or playing nicely together and my baby girl is taking a nap.

And as for a clean house.... well here take a look. You be the judge......

Laundry that needs to be folded... and my antique rocker that needs to be refinished.... a DIY project I have yet to do. This chair can not be sat in... though its in our living room. My husband "just doesn't get it" One of these days I think my he will bring it to the dump when I'm not looking.
My kitchen table... is often covered in half eaten food. (thanks for this mornings snack time mess Chasey!)
One corner or the toy barf in the boys rooms. Seriously looks like their THREE toy boxes threw up everywhere. And you know what.... THIS is clean for them!

My kitchen aid at any given point through out the day .... I tend to spread flour all over my house. This is only a piece of the mess I made while baking.

Enough looking into my messy home....

Now look at what a mess I am on most days......
Sockless Danskos........

Paint covered sweat pants.... and a cupcake tee... that looks like it should belong to a 12 yr old... I cropped my face out because I'm not ready to reveal myself without makeup :/ it is not pretty!

My poor poor husband....


  1. Now I love you even more! What a fabulous post - honest and funny too! Damn girl you are skinny to boot and you make all these goodies and you just had a babe....that's good enough in my book! Rock on!

  2. Such a great post! I too have 3 kids and very similar situations going on at any given time, even though the smallest is 6.

  3. Glad you guys liked the post!! You never know what kind of crazieness going on inside this house at any given time! For the record we don't live like total pigs.... THOUGH I still haven't folded my laundry today :/ I better get on that....

  4. Carrie I LOVE this post It sounds exactly like me! I post on facebook when I have a moment between tasks at work (I work from home) and somehow fit in time to cook and blog in spare moments between rushing kids to their activities. There is never a spare moment it seems but I am trying to enjoy every moment while I can because I know they will too soon be grown and gone and I will be wishing for some of their crazy antics. Cleaning can definitely wait! We have more important things to do!

  5. I love real life posts! I've been taking back shots to reveal someday, many, many years from now, the "whole story" when I post something, lol, why do people think all our food shots are close up, the kitchen is a disaster!

  6. I adore that shirt Carrie! I'm sure you manage to stay sweet through the trials & tribulations of each day so who cares what the laundry chair looks like!

    Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

  7. Do you still wear Danskos? Cool picture looking down on them.