Loosen Your Belt Mashed Potato Casserole Another Turkey Day Side Dish!

I just made Paula Dean Proud

Two reason you need to make this dish on Thanksgiving for your guests.

1. It tastes awesome

2. Because you can make it ahead of time and it is one less thing to worry about on Turkey Day!

Loosen Your Belt Mashed Potato Casserole

5 lbs peeled potatoes (or be lazy use red skins and don't peel... it's ok! )
1 bulb roasted garlic
1 stick of room temp butter
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup sour cream
8 oz cream cheese
3/4 cup cheddar cheese
1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
3 slice prosciutto
Salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup scallions or chives to garnish


Add your peeled potatoes to a big pot of boiling water. Boil until they are fork soft... can't tell you the exact time because well... I'm bad with timers when I'm cooking. Baking I have to use them... cooking is just different....


When they have cooked through strain and add them to your kitchen aid. (if you don't have a kitchen aid go ahead use a masher or potato ricer)

I swear by using my kitchen aid when making a big batch like this... less work for me and they come out lump free.

With your whisk attachment mix potatoes, cream cheese, butter, sour cream and roasted garlic on medium speed. Careful if your bowl is too full you'll get flying potatoes everywhere... I'm known to do this time to time!

When that is all mixed, add in your cream slowly while mixing when it comes to a nice thin mashed potato you can stop. Salt and pepper to taste.

Pile into a large casserole dish. Top with cheddar and Parmesan cheese then spread pieces of your prosciutto over the top.

Bake at 400 for 20-30 minutes.

When its golden on top its done.

Sprinkle the top with scallions or chives just before serving.

Enjoy =)

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  1. I am in charge of the mashed potato for this Sat. Thanksgiving meal/b-day meal with my family!!! I am so making this! Loosen your belt, here we come!!!

  2. Loosen your belt is right, and I'll take seconds please! This looks so amazing.

  3. I've never hosted thanksgiving but I know that delicious make-ahead dishes are helpful for any party. This looks fantastic and very fitting for the big day :)

  4. I'm loving the prosciutto kick for Thanksgiving!It is the one pork product I will eat even if it gives me a stomach ache it is worth it. I'm going to make you're brussel sprouts for Thanksgiving because they look incredible!

  5. This potato casserole sounds sinful! A must try. Wow, all that roasted garlic, heavy cream, sour cream and proscuitto- how yummy is that.
    I am drooling!

  6. I just found your blog through Crumbs and Chaos. The potatoes look amazing! I can't wait to make them :).

  7. Thanks for linking these up...I'll let you know how much my waistline will thank you after I make them :). I swear by my Kitchen Aid for almost everything...mashed potatoes included!

  8. Looks great! Love the idea of baked mashed potatoes, especially since you can make them ahead!!

  9. Mashed potatoes are a favorite at our house. This looks like a fun twist on an old favorite. Wonderful recipe! Love this!