New England Boiled Dinner (Smoked Pork Shoulder/Picnic Ham w/ Root Veggies and Cabbage)

This is my favorite favorite favorite meal from when I was growing up. I think today it is Mom's favorite meal as well. But I think her and I are the only ones in the family that like it! My husband will eat it as will my dad but I'm not sure how much they really like it.

One year when I was about 10ish yrs old when we went camping my mom brough her huge canning pot and placed it over the fire with a big ol' smoked pork shoulder potatoes and carrots and let it cook all day day on the open fire. It was the best boild dinner I think any of us have ever had.

The best part of this meal is that it is CHEAP to make and you get tons of food. You can eat left overs for days and days after feeding a large croud.

New England Boilded Dinner

1 pork shoulder
1 head of cabbage
6 small-medium red skin potatos
3 carrots
3 parsnips
1 large onion
6 cups of stock (use whatever you'd like veggie, chicken, beef)
2 cups of apple cider
2 bay leafs


Quarter your cabbage, half your potatos (if they are small leave them whole) cut ends off carrots and parsnips, quarter you onion. Throw in the bottom of your biggest pot you own.

Place pork shoulder on top fat side up.

Throw in bay leafs.

Pour in stock and cider.

Simmer over medium low heat for 4 hours. The longer it cooks the more tender your pork will be.

Remove pork from the pot slice and clean off of bone and away from fat. Remove veggies and serve!

You can use the cooking juices and add in some cornstarch to make a gravy... you can serve with a chutney  on top of the pork like I did... Cranberry Apple Chutney Recipe  or you can eat it as is!

I saved the juices/stock for another recipe later this week. It has amazing flavor. Very smokey, and salty from the pork but sweet from the cider and veggies. I also reserve the ham bones to throw into my soups lots of flavor!

Anything slow cooked with lots of potatos and meat are great comfort foods for the fall/winter.YUM


What is your favorite comfort food?


  1. Mine is a roast, carrots and potatoes. Or homemade noodles in chicken or beef.

  2. I think my favorite comfort food is either macaroni and cheese or pot pie.

    Those vegetables look so tasty! I wish my husband would eat cabbage.

  3. I just saw this on a cooking show the other day. Similar recipe. I think it sounds like a great twist on Newfie Jigs Dinner that our friend makes. Coq a Vin is my favourite comfort food . Served with garlic mashed potatoes!

  4. Kathy if your husband don't like cabbage take his out of the pot before you add your cabbage it works for me.

  5. can I use a fresh pork shoulder for a boiled dinner? Will the pork have no flavor???

    1. You could, it just won't have the same flavor. It would still be good though. You just may need to salt it and season it more.