A Sneak Peak at Maddie

So my daughter is finally here. I have to say I never in a million years thought we would have 3 kids. I always pictured us with the 2 boys.

She is only 4 days old... and man girls are fun! I have my own doll to dress up everyday. I love it!

She is a true princess already... she was even in the womb.

My pregnancy with Madelyn was the hardest of the three. I went through 23-24 weeks of puking everyday and loosing weight to the point I had to be medicated to help with it.  Then towards the end I had a couple true false labors... but nothing to help my body progress into full blown labor.

So at 9 days over due. I was scheduled for an induction at 7pm that night. The hospital called me to tell me that had to postpone it till the following morning because they were short handed with nurses.

So I go to bed... and guess what labor starts! And it went fast. I almost had her in the car!! No joke I really did...

I get to the hospital they all think I'm nuts cause they just talked to me on the phone and scheduled my 7am induction....

I get check by my OB... Yep your fully dilated no time for pain meds just start pushing!

AHHH no epidural?? No way I can't do it... Both boys I had an epidural right around 8-9 cm....

Not Maddie though she wants to make a grand entrance!

2 pushes later and there she was.

I'm not going to lie I feel like a super mom for delivering her with no meds... I know our moms did it and women have been since the beginning of time. But in my opinion we have modern medicine why not utilize it? No need to be a super women right?

I totally feel like a super women for bringing this little girl into the world!


  1. Congratulations! She's beautiful. The picture of her in her polka dot long footed onsie is my favorite. :) Enjoy her...she'll be a walking, talking bunch of hormones before you know it. **looks pointedly at her own 11 year old**

  2. She is adorable! Enjoy her..