Pecan Cinnamon Scones... King Arthur Flour Company Product Review

Cinnamon Pecan Scone

One of the things I love about having a baby... (besides an adorable soft snugly warm newborn) is all the food people bring you.

The only time someone cooks for me is  if I pop a kid out!

So far we have made out quite well in the food department.

My brother and sister in law are both great cooks who sent us up a lasagna... they are so smart and thoughtful. Instead of a big pan they cut into serving sizes and froze it for me. So when we need it quick we can just grab one square at a time!

Then my mother in law brought us over some sandwich meats and her macaroni salad. Always something good to have in the fridge when you don't feel like cooking.

My mom brought over a baked mac n cheese topped with tomatoes from her garden and chunks of salty ham through out it.... it was soooooooo good  I ate 3 bowls when I got home from the hospital.

My Mom's Baked Mac N' Cheese

She also gave me some King Arthur scone mixes and a jar of King Arthur Lemon Curd. She knows that I would probably go through baking with drawl but wouldn't have the energy to bake from scratch like a normally do. So this was a happy medium.

Yesterday was rainy and yukky so my husband took the boys to Fun Spot (local arcade) so while Maddie was napping I decided to do 2 things. #1 enjoy a half glass of wine for the first time since before I was pregnant! YUMM did it taste good.


#2 try out this King Arthur Cinnamon Pecan Scone mix... is it worth the $8...? Or should I just stick to making my own?

For a baking mix it was really good.... tasted just like my homemade scones. Though I have to say for a mix its not as quick as most are... when you buy something from the grocery store it normally is just mix in water or oil.... then bake. This you needed to use 3 bowls and add in a few different things. As well as make your own glaze. So for a quick mix... I'd say don't go with a King Arthur one.  I would probably never buy one myself for the $8 I'd rather just measure my own flour and other dry ingredients!

They really were good scones though... nice and buttery, bits of cinnamon chips and ground cinnamon through the whole thing ( you know I go nuts for cinnamon these days!) Only thing I could say is that they needed more pecans.

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