Stuff Like This Doesn't Happen in NORMAL Families! The Crimes Commited by a 2 yr old

Today is my husbands day off... there was no alarm set to wake us up at 6. So at 7am Chase our 2 yr old wakes me up just by simply standing next to my bed with his hands in my face. I woke because of the smell...

Tooth paste! I roll over and snapped at my husband. "Stevie Chase just got into tooth paste! Can you deal with it?"

So Stevie gets up goes down stairs to deal with it.

I didn't hear a peep so after 5-10 minutes I walk down stairs to see what on earth my 2 yr old did with our tooth paste.

First thing I see, Chase sitting on the couch... "Hi mama!" calm as can be watching TV.

Crime #1...
I see, a bottle of chocolate brown nail polish dumped all over the living room carpet, next to the paint job... a pair of scissors, and a hammer.

I'm thinking "WHAT THE HELL" But I swallow my scream down to continue into the kitchen.

Crime Scene #2
My husband smokes (yes I know...) well his pack was shredded and crushed all over the kitchen floor... I'm not going to cry over this mess.

I continue to walk through the house....

Crime Scene #3
The hallway was covered in liquid concealer and tooth paste.

Crime Scene #4
The bathroom sink was covered in a mish mash of every type of make up/ tooth paste.... Concealer cap filled with tooth paste, mascara brushes bent and covered in tooth pasted... eye liner used as a pen...  you get the picture

Crime Scene #5
I go into lovely Miss Maddie's bedroom to find my husband on his hands and knees scrubbing... tooth paste and concealer made it in there as well.

Crime #6
 I go to look for finger nail polish remover because I'm thinking its my only hope in saving our living room carpet (its off white now covered in brown) but I can't find it... he dumped that as well all over the bathroom floor.

I'm not sure how long these messes took for my little monster to make... but I do know he never wakes up earlier than 7... so I'm pretty sure this was ALL done with in a 15 minutes window.

The best part is... I pulled out the video camera to interrogate him
"Chase, who played with Mama's make up?"
----"Ollie did" He says with such conviction (Ollie is our dog)
"Chase who got the hammer out?"
---- "Owen did"
"Chase who painted the floor?"
---- "Bogie did" (Bogie is our 3 legged cat)
 The only thing he admitted guilt too... was climbing up to get the scissors. And he was quite proud of that!!

AHHHH This stuff doesn't happen to normal families!

Happy TGIF everyone... now I'm off to go rug shopping to cover these stains up!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! This had me giggling so hard. Reminds me of the time that my little brother painted my mom's kitchen with the large black permenant sharpie marker cause he wanted it to look pretty.

    Good luck on your rug shopping expedition! This link might help you find a solution on getting the polish stain out of your rug.

  2. Thanks for the link!! I'm reading it now... maybe I can find something to take the make up stains too! Otherwise... we will have allot of area rugs hahaha. I think its time we upgrade the living room to hard wood...

  3. Oh lordy! We have an almost 2 year old and a 4 month old..but have yet to have these disasters, thank god! I hope you can clean it all up easily and not cuss too much!

  4. That is quite a morning. We have had those mornings and the only thing you want to do is crawl back in bed :)

  5. It was quite a way to start the day thats for sure! God love him! I did make it through without any cussing.... or even raising my voice. Somehow I was able to laugh... . Unfortunatly its beyond repair and after a trip to Home Depot my husband and I decided to put pergo in. Hopefully we can get it done before baby #3 is born!!! 38.5 weeks.... YIKES!

  6. I can relate - as I linked up to your facebook post. She also got into the grease based Halloween makeup (orange and black) and got it all over my brand new rug (again....2!)