Quick Easy Healthy Bagel Spread and Radishes

After two days of splurging... Oreos, Cape Cod Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Chips, Ben and Jerry's Clusterfluff ice cream, creamy pasta sauces, bacon... all this is SO good but so gross! I think I went on a binge partly because I was eating away my frustration of being pregnant still. In the end its ok... I've been under weight my whole pregnancy and am now just reaching a healthy norm.

I'm starting my day off with a light breakfast, a warm bath, and kidless quiet.

Do you know what I have to do in order to get this? Wake up at 4:30 am.

I started off with my breakfast... easy and light.

Half a bagel with a chive cheese spread topped with radishes. Then a side of honeydew melon, and black cherries.

Take about 2-3 tbs of cream cheese (depends on how much you like on your bagel)
Snip some fresh chives in.

Top with sliced radishes.

I'm in love with eating my bagels like this. The radish is not used enough! They are so yummy

Do you know how good radishes are for you?

Did you know it can help with a number of ailments? Such as...

-Urinary disorders
-Weight Loss
-Colon, kidney, intestines, stomach and oral cancers
-Insect bites
The list goes on you can read more about the health benefits of the Radish here Radishes are SOOOOO good for you!

Anyways enough about my love for the radish!

My cherries are quite yummy as well. If I'm feeling up to it later today some Apple Cherry Turnovers are on the agenda....

Yep I said APPLE. They are here! I found local orchard fresh golden apples yesterday. I bought a peck so I have some baking to do! I know its only August 20th and we aren't all ready to admit fall has snuck up on us.


  1. I had no idea radishes were so healthy. Very interesting and now on today's shopping list!

  2. I love the idea of adding the extra crunch and nutrients of the radish to your bagel! I love eating raw radish and zucchini slices with homemade low fat yogurt dip!

  3. Great Post! I love salt and pepper chips too.


  4. mmm Salt and pepper chips are the ULTIMATE! Who would have thought simple flavored chips would be the best thing ever?! As for the radishes... my husband thinks I'm gross... haha "crunch on your bagel... and the thought of radishes for breakfast just gross"