Owen and Chase's Cucumber Frog Food Pizza

This is not a rocket science recipe... in fact I'm not sure I'd call it a recipe... just another healthy snack idea for the little guys that mama happens to love as well!

I love hummus... I wish I could say I'm making my own but I'm not... Josephs is just fine for this mom!

I love pita bread.... also wish I could say I make my own... but that's also too much work!

I love cucumbers ALLOT I eat them every day.

My kids Love cucumbers allot as well.  Normally with ranch dressing but I have hummus today so that's what they get.

My kids also love 'Frog Food'.... this would be turkey. Don't ask.

Actually you can ask and I'll tell you...

Frog food started about 2 yrs ago when Owen was a toddler. I couldn't get him to eat a stitch of meat (which is funny cause the kid is a full blown carnivore now... you should see this 4 yr old eat steak!) anyways... so one day we were playing frogs... he'd ribbit and hop around the living room. So when it was time to eat... I wanted him to be a good little froggy and eat his froggy food. We happened to be eating shaved turkey from the deli. He gobbled it up... because he was playing frogs still and wanted to eat what frogs eat. (if only he knew they eat flies...)

The name has stuck... even Chase calls it frog food now.

I know we are strange right?

Oh and its 'Pizza' because any food in the shape of a triangle is pizza to Chase!

Pita bread cut in half then into triangles
Hummus ( I used a vegetable hummus.... you can use whatever you have)
Cucumber slices
Deli Turkey

Smear some hummus on your pita top with turkey and cukes. Great way to get the kids making their own snacks!