Happy Monday Bye Bye Irene

Hope everyone did ok during the hurricane/storm yesterday! We are just now getting our utilities back on. THANK GOD.

My hometown about an hour north of where I live now is under 6-7 ft of water! Holy yikes.

Here is a video of a boat tour of our local University... crazy!


We were quite lucky and only had to deal with a flooded basement yesterday.... things are still a bit soggy around here and some tree damage here and there. But that's it!

Amazing how dependent I am on my Internet... Day 2 and I was going stir crazy. Glad I can make a blog post hahaha I'm addicted!

Now off to the Dr.s being overdue is sooooooooooooooo not fun. Lets hope they get this labor kick started today.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I am glad everyone is safe and sound. It's funny how we can get attached to things.

  2. I just randomly clicked over to your blog from your comment on How Sweet and am excited to explore more. I hope you have your baby soon! (I am also pregnant--23 weeks)

  3. I'm glad you stopped over at my blog! And no baby yet! Induction scheduled for the 4th if I don't go sooner... Hope your having a happy healthy pregnancy!