5 Things That Made Me Smile

So I started off writing today's post... and just before hitting PUBLISH POST. I deleted it...

I'm in too negative a mood. I need to get out of this funk and enjoy the beautiful last days of summer no matter how uncomfortable I may be feeling.

So I grabbed my camera and headed outside with my boys, the dog, and my 3 legged cat.

With in only a few minutes I was feeling better... and less pregnant!

Some things that made me smile.....

#1 Watching the boys re discover the fun of an old toy.

We have had this tunnel since Owen was a baby learning to crawl. The kids drug it out of their tree house today and seriously played for a full hour inside it. And might I add.... they played NICELY! If anything can make me smile when I'm in a funk its watching the two of them get along and play...

#2 My black lab Ollie's joy over getting a ball tossed to him. I love this dog so freaking much even though at least once a day I'm about ready to ring his neck... either because he got into the trash, or ate all the cat food... the list goes on, on the trouble my "first born" can create.

#3 Bogie... he is such a sad cat. Poor thing has 3 legs. But you should see him run through the grass and catch grass hoppers. He can climb trees, and jump higher than my other 2 cats could any day. He is such a pretty boy too... he is a light gray tiger cat but his tummy is white with gray spots. He has very unique markings.

#4 Watching the boys line their proud little pumpkins up on the steps. This was something they grew all on their own... and boy are they super proud. Owen can't stop talking about Halloween... I'm a little worried these pumpkins will not make it that long as they are all ready nice and ripe! We'll cross the bridge when we get to it....

#5 Sitting back in my chair while the kids bring me flowers and pick me blackberries. No matter how grumpy I am or how snappy I can get with them (which sadly is too often lately!) They want to please me and show me they love me. Kids really are awesome... and I have 2 of the best!

Can you think of 5 things that made you smile today?

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  1. Love this post, and after a morning like I've had...I need to think about what makes me smile! Thank you for the reminder :)