Oh Wolfeboro how I love you! Today's Farmers Market Finds

So today was the PERFECT summer day. Slightly breezy 77 degrees.... not a bit of humidity. Loved it!

The boys and I went to the Wolfeboro farmers market where I purchased a good chunk of this weeks meats and veggies. My trip to the grocery store should only include some paper products and cleaning things so I guess it was well worth it!

First thing on our list of things to get at the Farmers Market... something to keep the boys happy while I mingle and shop.

Owen's pop was so good he at it in 2 seconds flat!

Chase chilling out in the stroller with his cake pop
Cake pops! these were amazing little moist cake/brownie's dipped into a milk chocolate shell of some sort. So cute! Not sure if your familiar with the oh so popular cake pops sold at Starbucks but its the same idea only bigger and way better!
So the boys munched on those as I began my trek through the market (side note pushing that stupid stroller on grass around a mob of people SUCKS!) With in moments of finishing their pops of course they were "drinky" That's OB's word for thirsty so over to the lemonade stand.

This is not your average 50 cents gets you a dixie cup full of Koolaid or Country Time. This was a hard core lemon press run by 4 8 yr olds, hand shaken in mason jars then pored into your cup with lots of ice.  Freaking best lemonade from an 8yr to date! Well worth the $2 per cup! The boys were fascinated by this process and now all OB wants to do is set up his own stand.... and he wants me to find him a lemon juicer like those "big" kids had. Where am I going to find that...?

So 2 stops later the kids are happy as can be and I can do my mingling and shopping. First thing on my list... Chicken....
1 whole Organic Free Range Chicken: $4.99/lb. I do think this is the most expensive roaster I've ever purchased coming in at about $16.00

Next up BEETS my favorite as I've posted about before... but even better I found Organic Chiogga Beet's... I have yet to slice into them but they are going to be so pretty. They are heirloom beets that have dark red, pink, and white consecutive little circles on the inside. I got the last bunch they had $2.50/bunch. I'm so excited to try these... will keep you all posted on how I use them. Thinking of doing some sort of pickle or something with a salad.

Chiogga Beets

Then to my greens, I'm obsessed with greens lately must be my bodies way of telling me I need more iron and calcium since little Madelyn (my baby that's due in August) is sucking everything out of me these days.

Kale, Swiss Chard

For greens I picked out a bunch of Kale $3 (yum more kale chips on the way!) Swiss Chard $3 and something I've never seen before.... Tatsoi $2.50.


I'm pretty excited about this Tatsoi as well it looks so pretty, I'm told it is basically an Asian Spinach, though its a little mustardy. Its supposed to be great added to any salad, or into brothy soups at the end. We'll see what I'm going to do with that....

Radishes, according to the  girl that sold them to me, they are very spicy. $2.50/bunch. Yay the last time I bought a bunch they were too mild. I'm going to make my own veggie cream cheese spread for breakfast with some of them. Then I saw a recipe somewhere for an Asian inspired pickled radish... so maybe I'll do that too.

Then we went to the breads.... I had to get another loaf of that cinnamon bread $5 (which will be tomorrow's french toast) and one giant whoopie pie $2.50.

Last but not least my favorite table... Top Of The Hill Farm... this is where I buy my beef! 2lbs of flank steak 1lb of burger $4. The steak will give us about 3 meals for a family of 4 at $7/lb that's a good deal for steak!

By the time I was ordering my beef... Chase my 2 yr old was having a complete melt down (one that had continued from hours before... He wanted to bring his pillow pet ("its a pillow, its a pet... its a pillow pet!" ) along with a giant toy elephant who is the 'daddy' and his baby elephant and his 3 smelly blankies... yes my kid has not one but THREE blankies. So as you can guess I forced him out of the house without these items... which was now biting me in the bum because we were making a scene!

When my burger and steak were in hand I was out there as fast as I could. Thank god Chase slept off the rest of his tantrum in his car seat on the drive home!

All and all super day in Wolfeboro, I love it there more than any other NH town. Over the next few days I'll post some of the foods I made with my farmers market purchases.

Tonight we used our ground beef for some serious bacon cheese burgers on the grill..... Wish I took a pic of mine because it was a masterpiece! I loaded it up with cheese, bacon, black bean salsa, mashed avocado, red onion, and lettuce. YUMMY


  1. Ive never spent much time in Wolfeboro, ive always just driven through it to get to somewhere else lol just like every other town in nh but by the looks of those meats it looks like i should check it out. My Nana buys Beefalo at the farmers market in Ptown but Wolfeboro prices are cheaper...what times is it? id love to take her over there someday

  2. I love Wolfeboro... someday Steve will buy me a house there haha! We live about 15 miles away now, so the boys and I spend allot of time there. The Market is 12:30-4:30 every Thursday.Its not a huge market so they sell out of everything fast, we get there when they open. Top Of The Hill Farm is where the beef is from, also has a farm stand where you can purchase their beef and veggies... I want to say they have chicken or pork too... their stuff is not organic however. But the beef prices are lower than Hannafords.

  3. LOVE your blog! Wicked Goodies will again be at the Wolfeboro Farmers Market this summer. I loved the pics of your little ones gobbling up my cake pops and would love for you to post one to share with my followers: www.facebook.com/WickedGoodiesNewEngland

    1. Hi! Oh my goodness... I kinda forgot about this blog post from last summer. We will be at the market shopping for goodies. I will stop buy and pick up some more cake pops/goodies and blog about them soon!! The boys LOVED your cake pops.