How does your garden grow

It's a beautiful day  here in New Hampshire. About 80 no humidity and breezy. As I went to work in my garden weeding and de earwigging eww (I'll explain later...) I decided to take my camera out with me to photograph its progress.

We are just starting to get our fresh veggies out of our small little garden which has been very exciting for my kids. For anyone who has kids I highly recommend getting them involved and letting them plant their own veggies or flowers. It's been such a fun and educational project for them starting way back in April when we started our seeds indoors and started our first compost bin.

Here's a little look into what we have so far....

Now we picked our first bunches of broccoli yesterday morning only to find earwigs hidden inside. EWW for anyone who doesn't know what an earwig is....

I spent my morning scouring the Internet looking for clues of to why we have them and what to do about it... and most importantly did they harm my precious broccoli heads?

First off no they don't harm them... they will eat the leaves of the plants at night so you do do want to rid of them... but everything is very safe to eat still.

Secondly they are there because its dark and moist. Part of my issue is my plants are too close together. Being this is my first time planting broccoli I didn't really know what I was doing so I loaded the plants in the garden and should have done oh I don't know... maybe HALF of what I planted! Oh well I'm learning still.

Now last but not least how do we get rid of these scary looking bugs... Pretty simple actually. Roll a damp newspaper up in the evening lay them between your rows. At night the earwigs will crawl into the wet paper. In the morning carefully move the papers out of the garden. They scurry fast so you need to move it CAREFULLY!

Now on to our tomatoes. We planted 3 kids this year... This big guy up top is a "Better Boy" These are going to be those nice juicy beefy tomatoes great for slicing up on burgers and sandwiches. This particular tomato got picked today... I'm slicing him up for some Fried Green Tomatoes to go along with our dinner tonight. This is a first for us... so lets see how we like them!

These little guys are our Cherry Tomatoes. We have WAY too many to possibly eat so if you want some come on over and I can probably give you plenty!

These guys are our "Sonny Boys" yellow tomatoes. I always like yellow or orange tomatoes to throw into a salad for some extra color!

My two and four year old sons planted the pumpkins and they are doing wonderful! We will have so many this year and they'll be good sized ones too! This one happens to be my favorite because of its shape.... its a little bit of an odd ball.

But this guy is the kids favorite they check on it everyday to see if its gotten any bigger. Its the biggest one we have so far!

Our string beans also... one of the kids ventures. Its funny I was commenting to a friend the other day via facebook. That my boys would NEVER eat a raw bean if I handed it to them out of the fridge. But because they planted these they love them!! Seriously kids are so funny sometimes! Hey whatever right? As long as they are eating their veggies I'm all for it!

Sweat Peas...mmmm. I love them. The kids love them. My husband loves them. We don't even cook them just eat them right out of the pod... or sometimes pod and all.

These chubby fingers are Chase's raiding the pea bowl.

Purple cabbage. Man do I love cabbage, in slaw, salads, grilled, braised, boiled, in soups... you name it! I can't wait till these little guys are ready to cut!

Blackberries are getting there... not ripe yet but give them another week and we'll have plenty! Pies, tarts, coffee cakes... yum I can't wait. I love blackberries! Our raspberries are just starting to go by as well as our wild blueberries so I'm excited to have something else to bake with as well as pick with the boys!

Now THIS is a mystery... we have a random patch of some sort of squash growing under our deck... must have dropped a seed while we were planting or a piece of left over dinner haha? Whatever it is.... it has blossoms!
Then there are my favorite flowers.... Lillys. We have a bunch all over our yard... but I'm having a hard time teaching the boys that not all flowers are for picking... so we only have a few here and there left!

Whats growing at your house?

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