Grilled Cabbage with Bacon and Balsamic, Spinach, Sweat Pea Tendrils and Strawberries.

Spinach, Sweat Pea Tendril, Strawberry Salad. So healthy and yummy!!
I'm finding this summer with being 8 months pregnant by the time dinner rolls around I'm too tired to cook. So I've been sticking with fresh veggies and grilled meats most nights. And my god I love it! I'd rather eat some of these simple dishes than anything else.

Saturday was the Concord Farmers Market, I brought my boys with me and we enjoyed some homemade Whoopie Pies from a local bakery, I purchased some Strawberry Champagne Jelly, and a jar of Hot Pepper Jelly made by a women in Pittsifeld (right down the rd from us) a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Jewell Towne Vinyard (my favorite local winery in N. Hampton) not for me of course!  For veggies.... I only walked away with 2 things.

Organic Baby Garlic
One Red Baby Cabbage

These little bulbs of garlic and this tiny head of cabbage just looked so cute and good... not sure what I would make or do with them when I got home though.

I'm a huge fan of cabbage. Its something I think most people find to be unappealing on its own. Most people would probably just make a coleslaw in the summer time. But I thought I'd grill it.... since that's all I seem to do lately!

And why not throw the garlic on the grill too! My husband is a big fan of smearing roasted garlic on his steak. So I'll keep it simple and we can eat steak with our cabbage and garlic then I'll make a salad made from our fresh garden greens.

Grilled Garlic

Sea salt

With the garlic I cut the ends off, put them in foil with some evoo, and sea salt... that's it. Wrap tight and throw it on the grill (top grate farther from the heat) My grill was set to high for my steak... I'd say the garlic depending on the bulb size needs to cook for about 15 minutes. You'll know when its done when its for soft and smells heavenly!

Grilled Cabbage with Bacon Pieces and Balsamic

Cabbage (halved or quartered depending on head size)
Balsamic vinegar
2-4 slices of fried or broiled bacon (just make sure its crispy!)

I love 2 things with cabbage. Bacon and balsamic vinegar. YUM. In the winter time when we have a roast of some sorts I tend to roast a head of cabbage with some evoo and balsamic. Bacon just makes it even yummier... doesn't everything taste better with bacon? Yes it does!

This particular cabbage was very small... smaller than my hand. So I just halved it, placed in foil.

Drizzle with balsamic vinegar, evoo, sea salt.

Top with crispy bacon. I used 3 strips... a  little much... the more the better if you ask me.

Throw it on the top rack a preheated grill (about 400 degrees) and grill for about 15-20 minutes When the cabbage is nice and tender it is done!
We also threw a 2lb flank steak on the grill that I had marinated for a few hours. I love flank steak, its my favorite cut, and a little less expensive then NY strips, or Ribeye steaks. It goes for about $7-8/lb. We eat it allot because its great for Mexican food, or Asian dishes.... which we make allot!

The key with flank is to slice thinly against the grain of the meat. If you do this you'll get nice juicy tender pieces. Also make sure you let your meats rest for at least 5 minutes before slicing. Other wise all you will loose of of that yummy juice.

Spinach Sweat Pea Salad With Strawberries

Baby spinach
Sweet pea tendrils or leaves
Sliced strawberries
Candied nuts (walnuts or pecans are my favorite)
Balsamic vinaigrette
Sliced red onion
Sliced red bell pepper
(if you have a another favorite green throw it in!)

I had some fresh baby spinach in the fridge as well as a qt of strawberries, a red onion, and a red bell pepper. This is my new favorite combo with some form of a vinaigrette. If I have some candied walnuts or pecans I'll throw those on top for a sweet crunch YUM.

I have also discovered something so good... sweet pea tendrils! My peas haven't even blossomed yet  but take the leaves off the plant and eat them raw. Oh man its so good! I could snack on them all day. Its like spinach crossed with raw peas.

Sweet Pea plants in my garden

Basil in my garden

Super good in any salad! I also have some basil ready in the garden so i threw some of that in with our greens... tossed with my favorite Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette... healthy light and so good tasting!

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  1. You are inspiring. Do you make up these things yourself?

  2. Well I read ALLOT of cookbooks, food magazines/websites, and watch Food Network often. So I add my own twists on things I've seen or tasted somewhere else.

  3. Ingenious! I bet that is fantastic, especially with that cute little cabbage from your garden.