EVOO, Salt, and Pepper... thats all you need!

My favorite veggie of all time has always been and probably always will be the... BEET.

I've made them so many ways and yet my go too easy way to make them is just straight up roasted with EVOO, salt, and pepper. Nothing fancy... this is how I do mine, and they are perfect and delish every time.

First cut your greens from your beets.

Then scrub and wash, they are a root veggie so dirt hides in every little spot!

I like to leave the little ones whole and the larger ones slice in half or quarters if needed. Just make sure all the beets are uniform in size.

Then Add to a roasting pan OR if you are like me on most days and don't want to dirty another dish... Take your foil and fold the edges up!
Toss with about 1 tbs of EVOO salt and pepper, cover tightly.

Roast at 375, for 25-60 minutes depending on the size of the beets. The larger the beet the longer it takes!

After they are fork tender (stick a fork in it) remove from oven.

Set aside to cool enough to handle. THEN here comes the easy part... just lightly rub the peel off with your fingers.. Cut any access stem parts off and they are done. Yes you most likely will have red finger tips and nails afterwards... but who cares beets are the best!

So a couple days ago I picked up some fresh organic baby kale. It was so pretty green and red frilly healthy goodness. Allot of people I think are scared away from hearty greens like kale and tend to stick with things like baby spinach. But kale when cooked right is super good! Normally I just braise it in balsamic and EVOO, add some garlic, salt and pepper and call it done. Great side dish for almost anything!
But in an attempt to get my kids to eat a healthy snack plus sneak a green veggie into them.
I figured I make some kale chips with this bunch.

By the way this is the easiest snack recipe on the planet... I don't need potato chips again after snacking on these all day! (anyone who knows me knows that I used to be a chip addict)

Pre heat your oven to 300

Rinse and dry kale

Tear kale ribs apart leaving the stems behind
Toss with a 1 tbs of EVOO

Spread an even layer on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet (careful not to crowd the kale pieces) You most likely will need to do 2 sheets

Sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper
Bake for 20-25 min till nice and crispy!

That's it. My 2 yr old who hates most anything green and veggieish... pounded a small bowl of these chips. I had him asking for "more kale please"

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